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Coercive control is a wide reaching form of abuse and, as control is at the heart of all domestic abuse, it overlaps with many otherespecially sexual abuse and financial abuse. In early research with survivors they talked about how difficult it was to describe the ways they felt abuse affected them. Control is established using threats to harm the woman if she does not comply, or making the atmosphere at home unbearable. Coercive Control became a criminal offence in the UK inwhich enables the police and courts to look for patterns of controlling and coercive behaviours rather than specific incidents of abuse or violence.

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The examples below include a wide range of ways that coercive control operates in relationships. Their experience of outbursts or verbal, physical, sexual or other forms of violence meant they took these threats seriously. Women talked about partners constantly monitored their behaviour, checking on their activities and accusing them of having affairs if they ever went out of the house unaccompanied. As a result, women were manipulated into believing they could not manage life on their own and became increasingly dependent on their abusive partner. More about the England law, and more about the … until I left my partner I never knew I can get benefit or I am register with my children as a Mother, yes or no.

I guess you thought he was right? You did, yeah. I thought then I might have to sell my body too many peoples… Yes. Yes, yes. So he controlled me … my mind … my body, my finance … Yes. My emotions, everything. Some women described how their partners tried to get them addicted to alcohol, drugs or online gambling, to stop them noticing the abusive behaviour.

Coercive control developed gradually The majority of women said that at the beginning, they loved their partner. Over time, however, these comments formed a pattern of increasing control. Women described their behaviour, activities and access to friends and family being increasingly controlled so that their life revolved more and more around their partner. Charlotte and Nessa both described how their partners became more and more controlling, cutting off their access to friends by withholding money for phone credit. He kind of went into this spiral of just vileness.

He just was nasty and angry all the time. And it started coming out more towards the girls as well as me. I was kind of slowly shutting down and, and disappearing really. And he was just getting angrier and angrier with everyone around him, desperately trying to control everything. And it just became this desperate, desperate clinging for him to kind of control us all more and more and more and more.

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He was looking through our phones. He made me go through my Facebook and he wanted to count how many pictures of him were on my Facebook. Something like that. And he grabbed her by the neck, he had her by the kind of scruff of the neck in one hand and he had her phone in the other hand and he forced her head down while she had to watch him smash her phone against the banisters. And then he told her to go and get her laptop because he was going to break that too.

And he said that he had, he had chosen not to do that, so she had to thank him for that. And there were just lots and lots of incidents like that. He just was going crazy. Was it a daily kind of occurrence or? No, no not daily. Always enough niceness to keep everyone thinking that he was alright and he was OK. So it was always a very careful balancing act between nice things and fun things and spontaneous things, Right.

When Nessa decided to stand up for herself, her partner retaliated by refusing to take care of the home and the children. Did you ever broach that with him and ask him to do more? Yeah, yeah. Have you took them into the garden?

Have you sat down and played with them? Have you done them any dinner? Women described how they constantly tried to stop their partner becoming angry by always being careful of their behaviour. Melanie described her experience of psychological abuse and controlling behaviour which led to her having a breakdown. And obviously now I look back, it was a lot of raping as well. But in this relationship it was more like moving things, breaking things, always with me, very controlling with their wording.

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Silently controlling. I knew something was wrong because I felt on edge and I felt scared a lot of the time. Felt scared? That he had control of my finances and things like that. How long were you together? Since until And when did it dawn on you, when did you realise this is abuse? When his father died, I think in … and I think it was or the beginning ofand I knew that I was scared all the time. I knew I was walking on eggshells. I knew that when he was downstairs he would, I was scared to come downstairs. I knew that at that point I kind of woke up to catch him doing things to me.

And made me feel like. It had been going on for quite a of years from … Oh, it been going on for a of years. I was… Oh. Could you give me an example of the sort of rules that he used to set for you? There was never a specific rule. It was changing all the time. He would buy the total opposite. So it was confusing. So there was no rule. I think his rule was whatever he felt like on the day that would be his rule.

And what would happen if you tried to go against a rule? His was more sulking, slamming things, not speaking to me for days on end. But then would get in bed and cuddle me, would get in bed and hold my wrist. It almost felt like he was keeping me captive because he would squeeze my wrists and hold me like that while I slept. If I got up out of the bed he would jump up out of the bed. Most women described living in fear and trying to do as their partner Husband sends us his wife to get fucked in order to avoid further abuse. It was what he wanted that was what mattered.

So things made him angry all the time. The children remember him as being very, very angry, very shout-y, having a lot of sort of temper tantrums over not getting what he wanted. That it was sort of, you know, he kind of reversed it so it was all about me, me, me when I felt what I was doing was asking him to prioritise the family appropriately, rather than his work.

And he would go to work, he would accuse me of being the one that made him late. It just made a really unpleasant home life. I was just constantly on edge, unhappy, wondering what was going to happen next. The children were anxious about his temper. He was quite physical towards the children He used to over-chastise them.

Husband sends us his wife to get fucked

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Women’s experiences of Domestic Violence and Abuse