Hypno slave stories

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She was at a club, the music was loud and Ashley was dressed to kill. Her tall slim figure accented with long straight blonde hair, a black minidress that ended a couple inches beneath her ass, and fashionable boots that went up to just below her knees with a four inch heel.

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Here she was, dealing with another man who had pissed her off. Sure, he bought her a drink. Sure, she made a point of leaning over a few times to give him a nice view of her breasts. Sure, she spread her legs apart. It was clear he was young, a couple years past twenty. Ashley thought to herself.

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She loved the thrill of dressing like this, teasing men, then extorting them for whatever they had on them. About the same age, with thick glasses. Her favorite kind of target since they were most likely to break. Ashley tried to speak, but she noticed nothing came out. Her eyes opened widely. That ends today. Give me your phone. Ashley tried to resist, but found her hands moved of their own accord, the voice having some quality that compelled her to listen to him.

Then she handed her phone over.

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Hypnoslave Stories