I got my suit on tight

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These suits are pricy, so you need to make sure you get the perfect fit. Current photo via A3 Performance. So, tell me again why we have wired into our brains that we have to size down as small as possible? Tighter is not always better! Think about it. You want to move comfortably in and out of the water. Take your mark without fear of the butt of your suit splitting.

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VICI is engineered with a special, one-way stretch fabric across the back of the suit. This fabric allows athletes to bend down for a start, tuck tight for a turn, and swim as they normally would, while still maintaining compression. Not to mention, the core compression system built in the inside of VICI, allows for great compression and flexibility, without sizing too small or too big.

Who has time to do this every, single, time you need to put your tech suit on? Thirty minutes or more of aggressively tugging, pulling, and squirming is the right way to ruin your taper. We understand that these suits are tight. On average, women who have tried on an A3 Performance VICI tech suit have gotten their suits on in minutes, and guys…even faster, way faster!

Not to mention, almost all of them are smiling once they have the suit on. So, the process of putting it on cannot be all that bad. If you purchase a suit that is built for short axis strokes, what happens if you want to swim freestyle or IM at your next meet? Should you be wearing a different suit?

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Imagine a tech suit that you can wear for any stroke…any event…all of the events! A tech suit should be functional and practical. A3 VICI is great for any stroke or any event. Women, most brands have a closed back, open back, or even powerback option for you to choose. Pick whatever suit you feel comfortable in.

Sizing is actually based on the sizing chart. Most brands do a solid job of putting together a specific sizing guide that will help you find the right size. Look up your measurements and you should find the right suit size!

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Now, everyone is built differently and there is often some variance in measurements, which can make sizing challenging. Their staff wants you to feel confident and excited about racing in a VICI tech suit. Use the sizing guide and use our help. Compression has multiple benefits for swimmers and most athletes like the way they feel when their muscles are compressed. You should feel good in your suit. You should feel fast too. To race at your best, you want to feel your best, so get a suit that makes you feel your best. These unique straps are made with a soft, felt-like material. They provide a secure, yet comfortable, fit that allows for greater flexion through the shoulders.

the Revolution. A3 Performance is an independently-owned, performance swimwear company built on a passion for swimming, athletes, and athletic performance.

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We encourage swimmers to swim better and faster at all ages and levels, from beginners to Olympians. Driven by a genuine leader and devoted staff that are passionate about swimming and service, A3 Performance strives to inspire and enrich the sport of swimming with innovative and impactful products that motivate swimmers to be their very best — an A3 Performer.

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I got my suit on tight

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