I knew that my daddy was gay

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Not his biological parents — he never met them: His birth mother gave him up as an infant, and he never knew who his birth father was. Louis was a social worker, and Joey, 2, and Noel, about 10 months old, were in the foster care system. Noel was always free to be himself growing up — to play with Barbie dolls and dress up in frilly costumes.

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His d loved to make home movies; in one, Joey and Angel are playing with Tonka trucks and Noel is picking flowers. The time they had together was special, but it was all too brief.

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Five days later, Louis, 47, succumbed to the disease. Now 33, he says some of the memories of his time with Louis and Steven are fuzzy. He compares them to a train leaving the station, getting smaller and smaller as it pulls away. And I remember all the Barbies I had. One memory in particular stands out: Noel had just turned 6, and, as usual, the family was making a video.

And my dad was videoing it, and we were all having so much fun. I don't remember them being sick. I don't remember visiting them in the hospital. When Louis and Steven knew their time was running out, they recorded special videos for the boys. About two years ago, he watched it again.

We talked to them about what was going to happen, but how do you prepare for that? She and Louis had known each other since they were kids themselves. But, he was an HIV-positive man at a time when treatment options were minimal to nonexistent. I traveled. I met people I never thought I would. It was amazing how my life turned around. Eventually, though, he developed his own antibodies and was determined to be HIV-negative. Those three little boys were priceless together. It felt as though they had all somehow miraculously found one another, and there was a lot of love wrapped up in that photo.

But the keeps it alive. It makes people remember our history and the people who fought for what we have now And who even died in the process. He has shared other family photos of his d, his brothers and himself on social media. But it was a great childhood, it was.

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Knowing his d were gay, Noel often wonders what they would think of his drag. Would they like my show? Did they have a favorite drag queen? What kind of homophobia did they face back then? Did they like this bar? Who did they see perform? Before I go on, I get really, really nervous. I just can't do this. Just let it happen. While Noel still has a lot of unanswered questions about his d, he has learned a bit more because of the AIDS Memorial Instagram: Writer and artist Timothy Dean Lee, who follows the and frequently comments on posts, knew Louis and Steven back in the day.

I couldn't stop crying. Lee had met Louis in the s as a graduate student at New York University, where he was studying art therapy and child psychology. But that certainly didn't stop Louis and Steven. He knew the three boys needed a stable home and love, and he and Steven were more than willing to embrace them as part of their family. The last time Lee remembered seeing Louis was about on the street in the West Village. IE 11 is not supported.

For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. Share this —. Follow NBC News. Sometimes, Noel Arce has trouble remembering his d.

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Dan Avery.

I knew that my daddy was gay

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