I spanked my mom

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My mom has spanked me almost every day since I was 4.

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However, I don't mind the spankings and we have a very loving relationship. I plan on taking a gap year and spending that time living with my mom and still being spanked without distractions such as school or work. If it goes well I will live here like this indefinetly.

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Discipline is defined as using punishing behavior to correct disobedience. I am being punished, things lke backtalk, failure to do homework. We can deal with these problems instantly and move on to having a healthy happy relationship. How about when you turn 18? It's an alt that I made to discuss my situation on different subreddits. I won't be using it for too long, a couple of months maybe.

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For discipline purposes. Like many children my mom spanked me growing up. She just hasn't stopped yet, and we don't see a reason to. Found the internet!

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Posted by 2 years ago. With that being said I have no idea what this is.

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Continue this thread. Whats wrong? Im confused, why are you spanked daily? Oedipus complex.

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Exactly, nothing wrong with abit of discipline. I hope this a troll. Can I watch sometime?

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I spanked my mom

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