Inappropriate yoga pants

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There are many ways to wear yoga pants, thanks to their versatility.

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While they are naturally perfect for yoga classes, they can be worn for other purposes, too. There are no buttons, zippers, or scratchy fabric to contend with, and you can move about with an ease unrivaled by even your most well-worn pair of jeans.

But are yoga pants at the office a good idea? Secondly, we must consider the subject related to society as a whole and its opinions about women in the workplace — typically with a conservative lens applied. God forbid we draw attention to our bodies in any capacity lest we set off all sorts of HR fireworks and inappropriate lusting from our co-workers.

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Leggings definitely draw attention with their inbuilt tightness and have historically been frowned upon for professional women. But should they be worn in the workplace? Inthe Society for Human Resource Management took a poll and found 90 percent of the 9, respondents said leggings violate their office dress codes.

Unless there is a dress code preventing you from wearing leggings to workI believe that individuals should wear whatever makes them feel good.

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Pairing them with a longer button-down shirt, an oversized boyfriend sweater or blouse, or striped tunic always keeps the look fresh. The best part about yoga pants is that they come in an array of solid colors and even acid-washed, so you can pair different tops and bottoms and get your comfort on five days a week. As demographics shift, workplace standards evolve, and employees push for flexibility in all areas of work wardrobe includedemployers must adapt or risk losing good talent to their competition.

A few things to note before I dive in. But I digress. Workers are asking for more, and they can achieve it — one pair of yoga pants at a time. The comfiest long-sleeve T-shirts for women. The four scariest Halloween makeup tutorials on YouTube. How hair masks improve the health of your mane.

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Should you wear yoga pants to work? It’s complicated