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How do you explain your big lesbian following? How did you become aware? From day one of releasing an album where I have fucking rainbow suspenders on! Have you figured it out? Not yet! Laughs Listen, I am absolutely all about no boundaries and no labels. It was weird in that community not to. How do those people inspire you? I feel less angst in this new generation of young people. It feels that there are less and less shackles on young people to adhere to old norms and that inspires me just to be brave in everyday life and to honor how confident and self-assured they are becoming at a much younger age than I did.

Tell me about studying theater. I wanted to be an actress when I was younger, so I started in a theater group when I was 8 years old and started performing when I was quite young. By the time I was 15, I went on this really amazing theater course called Scottish Youth Theatre and it was the first time I left home.

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I grew up at a very sheltered time in Scotland. What was your introduction to the gay community then? It was during that time when I went to live in Glasgow. I had lived in St. Andrews — very, very straight up academic. Why on earth would anyone have any problem with someone enjoying themselves? And you were kissing girls then.

Would you call that a phase? No; I think it would be disrespectful to call it a phase. It was part of life. It was learning about love and learning about lust and desire and sexuality and becoming an adult and experiencing people.

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It was a really important part of my formative years. I think this is also why people have questioned my sexuality. Laughs I feel like I have a cock! The guitar is basically like a strap-on. I grew up with brothers, and when I was younger I always had lots of male friends — mostly male friends. I really love my femininity, but I felt like a stranger to it before. Which track on the album do think your LGBT fans might enjoy most? That song is totally meant to be a celebration about just fucking not worrying too much about that stuff and letting people get to know you for who you are. I was floored!

As an artist, having your song used in a movie — you never get the whole song used and you never get your song used without there being dialogue over the top of it. And the whole three-and-a-half minutes of the opening of the movie is just my song, unadulterated! It was great. But seeing a woman in the position of President of the United States would be an amazing thing. Yeah, he used one of my songs. It was just fucking abhorrent and it just makes you want to have a wash. I want my work nowhere near Is kt tunstall gay disgusting man. Me too! It feels like the spiritual follow up to the first album.

I think after the success of the first record. Making the second record, I was just fucking exhausted. I was so tired. I think I listen back and I love it, but I was definitely feeling the effects of becoming famous. It was very weird. How would you describe fame? Funny enough, this album was made in quite a similar way to the first album.

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KT Tunstall says she is not ‘locked down straight’