Is nico di angelo gay

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Verified Purchase. I dont see how including a gay charcter is adult content. Nico doesn't do aything sexual accept be himself which is a valuable lesson for all children. Imgine how many kids that have wondered why they seem different felt when they read Nico 's story. Inclusivity matters. If we continue to treat being gay as a taboo subject then people who just happend to be born loving the same sex will continue to live in fear. Informing your cildren about homosexuality is essential, the more people that are informed and edcated no matter what age the more we can grow to becme an accepting society.

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If you feel uncomfortable having a conversation wth your child about homosexuality then maybe you are just homophobic. I first read this book when i was 10 and i thought nothing of it besides "good for him, he can finally be himself". We need to work to make sure that this is everyones initial reaction. Thank you rick riordan, your influence cannot be understated. Why i ask myself? In my opinion,this book was great! I also have to mention,i love bob! But overall i highly recommend this book if you want something with lots of adventure or just of you love to read!

So what? It happens. Your kids will find out eventually anyway. Why not introduce it through an epic book instead of giving the awkward "talk? Amazing Book. That's all I can say. Just kidding. The imagery included was incredible. It balanced a dark, glum mood with that of a humorous one and really kept you on the edge of your Is nico di angelo gay the entire book. The character development is also extremely good. We see Percy and Annabeth go through some tough times and really learn their character through their hardships. The one thing so many people are complaining about and giving it one star due to it: spoiler Nico is gay.

It really provides a good twist to the book, though, and creates even more drama than before. I know a ton of parents didn't like the Nico being gay and that I have always loved Rick Riordan's books. Each of the seven got their own POVs.

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I loved reading from each of their point of views which we didn't get to do in the last book, but I have to say that it was a little jumbled. Each of the characters had their own little problem of their own throughout the book. Hazel is told by the goddess Hecate that she must learn to control the Mist and choose her own path all of which don't look so great.

So Hazel spends most of the book trying to control the Mist and find a path that doesn't involve all her friends dying. Her POVs were pretty cool. Jason doesn't seem to have the most important role in the book. He basically spends the entire book trying to figure out whether he wants to be Roman or Greek and guilt tripping himself on Is nico di angelo gay his ex at Camp Jupiter.

Piper gets only few POVs. Piper finally shows everyone that she can defend herself when Khione and her brothers come and freeze everyone on the ship. She and Hazel apparently have become friends. Leo falls in love and no it is not with Hazel. He is sent into the sky by Khione and falls on the island Ogygia where he falls for Calypso although he tries not to.

Once again the magic raft comes to the island to take Leo away and as he floats back to the Argo II he swears on the River Styx he will get her off that island. Seriously Leo, there are seriously dire consequences if you don't live up to what you swore. Frank is actually pretty interesting in this book.

He has to prove himself to Mars in order to save Hazel and in doing so supposedly gets really buff. Percy and Annabeth have survived the fall to Tartarus yay.

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They have help from Bob the titan and Small Bob the cat. Annabeth keeps losing hope and Percy has to keep helping her with that. I think their time in Tartarus was the most interesting part in the book. I know a ton of parents didn't like the Nico being gay and that they didn't let their kids read it because of it.

Personally, I was fine with it. Although I have to agree that this is a theme that is more geared to teens and up and there are kids 10 years old and younger reading it. ly, Nico had hated Percy because he let his sister, Bianca, die and that was why he pushed him away. I think it would have been fine to keep as it was and it made sense, but I guess it's fine.

Overall I think was a pretty good book. I can NOT wait for the next book. What an awesome name. What is tartus like? Nothing you ever imagined. Spoilers Nico is Gay!!!! Like is it really a big deal.

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I'm one of those readers who like to read people comments on books. First off this book was pure perfection. You saw so much development. You're questions are finally answered.

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I see all these hater commments on the book. Alright one character is Gay so what. Your gonna let one little thing ruin the book. He writes for mature. So props to Rick for doing his own thing. Nico is in my top fave characters. I like him even more because he is different. Nicowho is around 14, reveals he is gay and has had a long-term crush on Percy. He feels great shame and sadness because of his feelings. House of Hades was great. Here's the footnote, particularly for parents like me who want to be informed about what their children are reading.

For those who care--Minor spoiler alert concerning a character that does not involve the plot.

Is nico di angelo gay

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