Jamie foxx is gay

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Katt seemed to take sides with Spike Lee and told his fans not to support the film because he felt it was racist. Katt said:. Jamie Foxx. Check it out. The dude told me backstage at a show.

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He told me I can bring him on stage and air it out. Katt says:. It would probably help answer your question if I was. And if I stated it incorrectly, then I stated it incorrectly. Otherwise, I stated it correctly. The people feel like I attempt to tell the truth on the stage. So the feelings that I had about that movie were based upon my actual feelings on the movie. And so I might have said that Jamie Foxx is the cross between a rabbit and a platypus. Well Katt has a perm so one could question his sexuality as well. I understood what he said… he was attempting to be politically correct threw out this whole interview so thats why it seemed awkward.

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People have a lot of opinions about Melody Holt and Martel Holt. Heavenly Kimes had social media talking after Connect with us. Hi, what are you looking for? In this article: Jamie FoxxKatt Williams. Written By Amanda Anderson-Niles. Amanda is a TV junkie with a passion for all things reality television.

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Katt needs to know how to talk in circles better than that. He confused me.

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Jamie foxx is gay

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