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Alfred Hitchcock's horror film "Psycho" turns 60 today — and yes, we're still on edge every time we step into a shower. That's all it took for Alfred Hitchcock to make cinematic history with Psycho 's infamous shower scene, in which on-the-run office worker Marion Crane Janet Leigh is stabbed to death in a tub by creepy motel owner Norman Bates Anthony Perkins.

More than half a century later, filmmaker Alexandre O. More: Here's where to get your horror fix this Halloween. Earlier: Tippi Hedren says Hitchcock sexually assaulted her. Philippe's movie available on Amazon Prime, Google Play and YouTube examines how the scene tapped into audience's fears during a tumultuous era in U. It took everybody by surprise.

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Leigh's scream queen stand-in, Marli Renfro, 82, a former Las Vegas showgirl and Playboy Bunnyshares what it was really like on the set of one of the most famous horror movies ever made. Renfro, then 21, was a magazine model when photographer Mario Casilli told her Hitchcock's latest movie was seeking a body double.

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When she met with the filmmaker and Leigh, she disrobed to see if their bodies were a match. On the set the first day — topless, with just her crotch covered by a rubber patch — "I thought, 'Oh, my God, they're expecting a stripper,' " Renfro says. I was a nudist, so I was very comfortable being without clothes. Leigh donned a cream-colored one-piece bathing suit while filming, and "the camera goes to maybe 2 inches below her breast bone and that's it.

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If you don't see her face, that's me: the back of my head, my feet, arms, belly button. The illusion of Norman fatally knifing Marion was created by two off-camera crewmen splattering Renfro with chocolate. Renfro's ring finger is slightly darker than normal, the result of hood accident in which the tip was cut off by a lawn mower and sewn back on.

She remembers Hitchcock wanting a close-up of her hand: "I told him what happened, and he joked'It didn't happen that way. You were picking your nose, sneezed and blew up your finger. Renfro ed on for a two- or three-day shoot, but wound up spending a week filming the shower scene because of the many camera angles and the precise blocking required.

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Janet leigh feet

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