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That was a hour day. That was 12 hours of Will Ferrell massaging my boobs. My husband? No more. HW: How does the first take get started? Anything that makes you uncomfortable, I want you to tell me. I just want you to feel comfortable. He was like so respectful. He said that was okay, and he suggested to promote the film he should play with my boobs. JF: In the script it just said they kissed. He was just so up for just really being crazy.

That was like five hours of Frenching his lips. JF: Oh, that phone call was great. Every time he handed me that pad of paper it was different. It was sometimes horribly obscene. Completely unusable. Completely X-rated. I knew but I had to read whatever was on that pad of paper. It was aggressively harsh, because he knew that he had me in that spot. I wish I had all those unusable pieces of paper that I could just staple together and read one right after the other because they were all a variation on my breasts.

JF: The bar was set pretty high for me in terms of quality of people and quality of comedy. To go on The Office and be working with really some of the funniest people in the business— writers and otherwise. It was pretty insane. Yeah, I spend a lot of my life laughing. You thought I was the funniest man Jenna fischer boob grab.

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But my husband and I hung out last night and we laughed for a half-hour. We had this one bit that we did for like a half-hour. It was incredibly funny to me. He can still hold his own. We have this running bit about how our cat is hounding us for a million dollars. Our cat has all these get-rich-quick schemes. A truck load of Maguru.

Is it a big cliffhanger?

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Pam really is gong to come out of her shell in the last few remaining episodes of the season, and that was really exciting. HW: What was working with Harold Ramis like? JF: Harold Ramis is hilarious. We just pick his brain constantly. How long do you see this carrying on with Pam and Jim on The Office before it needs to be resolved?

I feel like the most important thing is that we just stay true to the characters. I have complete faith in our writers and in the show. HW: Did you watch the original British version of the show before you got involved? JF: Obsessively. And not even knowing they were making an American version. This is brilliant TV! This is why I became an actor! This is exactly what I want to do!

I almost peed my pants. And actually my first audition for the show in some ways they were auditioning for me because I would not have participated in that sitcom version of the show. I just went in in character and they interviewed me for 10 minutes, completely improv. I decided that Pam Beasley is not a good interview. HW: Have you ever had the typical boring office job? JF: Oh, more than I can say. That was how I earned my money as a struggling Jenna fischer boob grab. I worked in various investment firms, medical facilities.

I transcribed press tours. That was my first job in LA. I sat in a hot little hotel room typing away, listening to actors be witty. They put like 12 people in a room with computers and you just sit and type away all day. It was brutal. I feigned sickness starting in the morning and I even sneaked into the bathroom and put a little yellow makeup under my eyes to make them look sunken in. I started coughing.

I had this whole plan so I could leave early. Then I went to my car, I changed into other clothes, put on makeup, I walked over to one of the limo drivers who had driven one of the stars to the show. He fired me on the spot. - to use the wp menu builder - to use the wp menu builder.

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Jenna fischer boob grab

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‘The Office’: Jenna Fischer Once Joked About Will Ferrell Manhandling Her Breasts