Joanna from catfish instagram

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Sometimes social media can feel like a dark and depressing place, but then, every now and again, you come across something so hilarious it makes it all worth it. Enter actress Daisy May Cooper, and her rendezvous with an Instagram troll posing as a sea captain.

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It was quite clear that the sea captain might not actually be who he says he is sorry, Daisy! The actress started by sending him a picture of herself on the sofa with a watermelon slice to her ear, as if she was on the phone. Then, she sent him a photoshopped image of Jack and Rose from Titanic, writing: "This cud be us". Clearly not put off by her flirtations - if a little blunt - he replied: "Ok fine, what is your name and where are you from? Daisy went on to tell the Insta-fraud she was the heiress to a dog going company making bull mastiff clones. Revealing some top-secret info about himself, the sea captain then said he was from 'Georgetown, USA,' but is currently "deployed to Syria" for an undercover mission.

His typos made the whole thing even funnier. Yep, a literal office.

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It's at this point that the sea captain realised Daisy was sharing their conversations on her main Instagram grid. Stop doing that please. I told you I'm under covered mission. I'm not suppose to be seen chatting online," he said. But the sea captain has dumped me," Daisy later updated her fans.

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I shouldn't have lied about being an heiress at a dog cloning company. I'm gonna be too upset to post for a while". But the break up was only short lived, and after a few grovelling messages and a link to Daniel Bedingfield's 'If You're Not The One,' the sea captain was won back round. Concerned about her love, Daisy offers to sell a bunch of accidentally cloned bull mastiffs to pay for the op. But the sea captain wants the cash immediately, and even threatens to "call the cops" on her if she doesn't oblige.

But, we reckon by this point he was starting to get suspicious of the This Country star, as this morning she took to Instagram with a poignant update. I woke up this morning to find that my dear fiance seacaptain has deleted his ," she wrote.

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Topics: Celebrity Newsdaisy may cooper. Chosen for You Chosen for You. Most Read Stories Most Read. Advert The star crossed lovers kicked off like so many online flirtations do, with a casual DM side. If that were true, sea captain, we think you should be keeping it to yourself!

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This was the first bump in the road, and from then on, it deteriorated into utter madness. She then asked him: "Can we start again?

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It's at this point the sea captain's intentions start to look a little questionable. He tells Daisy he has a favour to ask, which she instantly assumes is a proposal, and accepts. The sea captain then returned from patrol, dismayed at the messages in Daisy's inbox. He then denied having ever asked Daisy for money, adding: "Thank god no one hurt".

Joanna from catfish instagram

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Am I the only one that checks out the twitter/instagram of the catfishers when Nev/Kamie show them?