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After making a name for himself in mainstream TV, '70s heartthrob John Schneider transitions to indie film, including a new role playing a father grieving his gay son. His new movie may be titled Hate Crime, but its message, says John Schneider, is all about love. Whom they can love back. Hate Crime is part of a new phase in his career, that of studio head; his Louisiana-based John Schneider Studios is one of the companies behind it, in partnership with Maven Entertainment.

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The script for Hate Crime, by first-time screenwriter Jonah Tapper, came to Schneider from his manager, his lawyer, and an actress friend. In the film, directed by Steven Esteb and produced by Alicia Allain, John Demarco and his wife, Marie Laura Cayouettehave been accepting and supportive of their gay son; the other set of parents in the movie, Tom and Ginny Brown Kevin Bernhardt and Amy Redford have had a less evolved attitude.

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They struggle with the knowledge that they bear some responsibility for the murder committed by their son, Raymond Jordan Salloumwho feared being outed. There must be something wrong with this. Schneider has something else in common with his character — fatherhood. Which I mean, the stunt was basically someone falling down on the floor, but I was there for that.

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And it was great. It was great to see my son spread his wings, to see my son to explore an arena in which I have been for so long. Fatherhood also figures in his attitude about antigay prejudice. In Because God forbid they should alienate a bunch of potential voters who may be so narrow-minded to think that gay marriage is from the devil.

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Watch the trailer for Hate Crime below. Hate Crime trailer Cut 1B H. All Rights Reserved. Subscribe To The Advocate. Search form Search. Scroll To Top. By Jase Peeples and Trudy Ring. Tags: filmtelevisionHate Crimes.

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Latest News Sports. Health and Human Services's Dr. Rachel Levine Never Sleeps.

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