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Joseph Gordon-Levitt is an American actor, filmmaker, singer, and entrepreneur. Joseph is the son of Jane Gordon and Dennis Levitt. His brother was photographer and fire spinner Daniel Gordon-Levitt, and his maternal grandfather was director Michael Gordon. Joseph is married to businessperson Tasha McCauley, with whom he has two children. Milton was born in Ohio, to Russian Jewish parents.

While census records list Fraudel as having been born in Russia, one source states that Fraudel was born in then-Ottoman Palestine, in Celia was born in Pennsylvania, to Polish Jewish parents. Fanny was the daughter of Boruch Mekel and Sarah. Michael was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Paul and Eva were Jewish. They are listed as being born in Russia in some records, Lithuania in another record, and in yet another record, Paul is listed as having been born in Russia, while Eva is listed as having been born in Pennsylvania, to parents who were born in Russia.

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Elizabeth was born in Ohio. Mollie was a Russian Jewish immigrant. Cohn, on the U. Joseph is able to speak French and is a self-confessed Francophile.

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Nobody cares, recreated troll. He may slightly looks like his father, but not much. Again, a weird combination of features he took after his family. Jews originated from asia. But it doesnt mean he looks like east asian. There is some people who have small eyes in middle east. Europeans and East, South Asians are genetically related, how many times do i gotta post this? Lol the R hablogroup originally originated in Asia and is a common hablogroup in Europe. Ashkenazi Jews are part of the Jewish diaspora, an ethnic group that originates in the Middle East.

That means Ashkenazi Jews are West Asians. Also, while Ashkenazi Jews did mix with Europeans Greeks and Italiansit amounts to less than half of their ancestry. Besides, African-Americans mixed with Europeans, and largely for the same reasons Ashkenazim did, but no one calls them Europeans.

Native Americans also mixed with Europeans, and for very similar reasons, but no one calls them Europeans either.

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Romani Indians were in roughly the same boat as Ashkenazi Jews. No one denies that they are Asian. Depending on what studies you look at those are the extremes in either direction that are the most widely accepted figures.

Your Y-DNA claims are way off, by the way. The paternal line is solidly Levantine. Joseph gordon levitt asian maternal line is more mixed, although K Joseph gordon levitt asian Middle Eastern haplogroup is very common. My mother is K. You omit data, or gloss over what I consider a ificant attribute to the AJ story. My figures are not way off.

More mixed for the maternal side? It is a ificant admixture. What did I gloss over, or omit? No one is denying this. This is very, very, very basic anthropology. You personally feel more European. You are entitled to your own opinions. But not your own facts. The admixture is too high to just to be considered Levantine proper. AJs are easily distinguishable by an admixture test.

Submit a sample, and you you get placed in the European bracket. In the US and Canada if you can prove some link to an indigenous tribe, a name on a census from your family tree, or a marriageyou get to enroll as a member of the tribe. You can go to reservations, tribal festivals aka pow wows, across the continental US and meet card carrying members of First Nations all over the place. These people can range from lily white, to burnt red, to black as coal.

Haplogroup wise, strong paternal roots, much weaker maternal roots, and an admixture result that places us in, or at least towards Europe. At this point the picture that has emerged from the last couple decades of pop. Yeah, but now YOU are omitting something. The admixture went both ways. Ashkenazim picked up mostly Southern European admixture but Palestinians and other most other Southern Levantines also picked up admixture from the Arabian peninsula.

Otherwise how do you explain the recurrence of phenotypes who can not be the product of such ethnic background? They consistently look at K1a1b1a, K1a9, K2a2, N1b2. You think your casual observations about phenotypes are more insightful than decades of pop. I apologize why are you bringing Saudi Arabians and Yemenites, the bulk of the populace of the peninsula, to this conversation? Because they influenced the phenotype of their Northern neighbors? Your obvious implication was that Ashkenazim had too much non-Levantine admixture to still be considered Levantines.

I never said anything about phenotype, just directly responded to what you wrote.

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Most modern Levantines have ificant non-Levantine ancestry which makes the comparison with Levantines broadly in this context—whether you meant it phenotypically or otherwise—somewhat disingenuous. Good point. But that said I refer to this. The podcast you shared was funny, and appreciated, for the mere fact the host asked why are Jews white, or how, or when did that occur? So just imagining years ago Italians or Greeks ask the Jewish merchants what type of wife are you looking for?

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Joseph gordon levitt asian

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt was learning lines and walking wires for The Walk