Justin bieber swole

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Justin Bieber getting swole. Everyday is ab day. Get real. Leg day not even once! When everyone is telling you you need help and all you really want is a hug. Originally Posted by KaeAble. Did my post help you? Did it make you LOL? Rep me! Looks like Ellen DeGeneres with a tattoo.

You gotta be a belebier. No reason to pull your shorts down and sag Justin bieber swole a phag while you take this photo. Originally Posted by beau Deep down we all are brah, we all are. Not srs one fukin bit. Last edited by beau; at AM. Originally Posted by Rabie For the amount of chit he has to attend to on a daily basis I dunno how he can even get a few hours in a week to go to the gym so gjdm. Blatantly riding the bicycle, you cant get that big otherwise. I want to belieb. But what is a forearm?

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I didn't think Miley Cyrus' boobs were that big. High test crew. Originally Posted by Ampedlift. I lol'd.

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At least he's trying to make a difference, probably gonna start riding bikes though. Originally Posted by moimoi Quick Teen Misc. Supplement Wars! Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

Justin bieber swole

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