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I agree with what you are saying to a point. Pictures aren't money.

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Using a credit card is one thing but I don't recall Apple guaranteeing my photos will be safe, that's why I don't put anything I wouldn't want anyone to see on there. They probably don't guarantee that they'll be safe. They should though. I mean, I expect that they'll be safe and I'd assume that most of the other low lifes using iPhones expect that their stuff would be safe as well.

People pay money to store things on the cloud, it should come with the expectation that it's secure. I've probably posted that before. That was the last time I was allowed to drive a float in the gay pride parade. Nothing personal ever touches the cloud from me. I have everything personal on my passport and that hard drive never leaves my room for anything. If I do have to carry something personal around, it's on my encrypted usb flash. I don't mess around with computer security. Granted, I'm no celebrity, Kate upton vr I still don't want anybody having any dirt on me for any reason.

Screw that Ha, you just can't say that. Several of these celebrities were saying they never ed the pictures, or they deleted these pictures years ago. The facts are, you have no control over what and how iCloud collects. Hint, It's not because they are doing you some sort of favor.

When was the last time a leaked naked photo hurt a celebs career? Hell, "leaked" sex tapes are the primary reason Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian are famous. The situation Erin Andrews had to deal with was certainly horrible and embarrassing for her. But her career seems to be cruising along just fine. Nobody is saying "Well, topless pics of Jennifer Lawrence have surfaced we better cancel that last Hunger Games movie.

Working as a network engineer at a service provider, including datacenter engineering for cloud services, I can tell you with a good amount of certainty that nobody "hacked into Apple's cloud" in the way you'd think about it or see in the movies. Even in a moderately sized service provider like the one I work for the security set up is multiple layers deep and is really hard to crack into.

Even if you DO get in, you won't be able to get out or export data I would imagine though I don't know for sure, of course that Apple's infrastructure is very large and very well protected with many layers of security, whether virtualized or physical, and highly secured perimeters between Kate upton vr services and servers. That being said, when you have such a large infrastructure with so many moving parts and so many services its possible that a small thing is "missed" and it appears to potentially be the case here.

From what I've read, Apple had one specific service that was left open to "brute force" hacks. Usually you are locked out of an after you try and fail with multiple passwords. However, one of Apple's services didn't have this so it theoretically allowed someone to go in and run a program that would just spam password after password. It still doesn't necessarily mean that this was what was used in this hack. Yes I do have control.

If there is something personal, it doesn't touch my cell phone. If somebody wants to hack the pictures on my phone, be my guess. They'll be sadly disappointed. Any personal things I have, it doesn't hit the internet. Guarantee they'll be safe?

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As for folks who think they don't things to iCloud, what a joke Apple doesn't share what they with you They give you a menu to look at some of the data, they will allow you to back up from some of their data But iCloud like Facebook like Google all collect everything. Like facebook for example Above everybody's head appeared their name, social security, and income. That was done with faccebook facial recognition, facebook collected data such as birthday, name, home birth city, etc.

Generating your social security from that information. All available with just a photograph of your face. The point is these free services are becoming omnipotent. They are everywhere. On your phone, in your google glass, on your computer, even in some folks cars. Consumers give up their privacy and in return get some minimal free service. These women Kate upton vr ed up for iCloud's free service and didn't realize that gave iCloud the right to all the information on their phones and use it however they like. Same with Facebook, same with Google, same with dozens of other companies which provide free services to the consumer and ultimately look forward to their own multi billion dollar funding from wall street for selling the data which consumers freely give them.

Yeah I really don't see this hurting Kate upton vr of their careers. That being said, that doesn't make it ok not saying you are implying that it is Sometimes with celebrities we lose sight of the fact that they're people with feelings like us; it's easy to dehumanize them since they're so far removed from our experience.

We've all been in situations before where we've felt humiliated and ashamed by people seeing something we didn't want them to. Imagine if it was millions upon millions of people that have now seen something you wanted to be kept private. Not only that, you now have to deal with worthless scumbag assholes on social media who send you messages, or reply to yours, telling you you're a slut or stupid or you deserved it, and telling you how they're doing this or that while looking at your private pictures.

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It's degrading, humiliating, and creepy. I wouldn't blame any of these women if they didn't go out in public without wearing 4 layers of clothes for years. Why do so many people keep naked photographs of themselves pretty much anywhere? Are they saving them for a naked photo rainy day or something? I think about looking for the Verlander pics but I realize there's no reason for a proud heterosexual male like me to see him shirtless or Kate upton vr more. I mentioned this story to my wife, and she pretty much had the usual opinion This isn't to say they "deserved it" or anything, but you really need to think through your actions.

Sadly, when you're a celebrity in this country, you pretty much have to expect people will go looking for things like this so you have to take all precautions. It isn't as exciting anymore, probably because I'm older, wiser, or something.

That being said, if I happen across the J-Law pics, I won't avert my eyes, but I'm not going to go actively hunting them and I certainly wouldn't reshare or Kate upton vr them. From what I hear about the Verlander pics it's probably something I shouldn't actively search for. There's an assumption that these photos were removed from iCloud via a hacking "break-in". That's possible but there are other, much easier ways, by which the photos could have been obtained. Yeah I don't think so I mean that's true of one person's photos That kind of points to one central vulnerability he was exploiting and for iphones, that's icloud.

I've been looking for a pic of Peter Forsberg shirtless for almost 20 years. He can have game bruises I don't care. Recommended Posts. Springfield Posted September 1, Posted September 1, Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options

Kate upton vr

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