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Rumors of Keira Knightley plastic surgery became a great worldwide debate among fans of this English actress and singer, due to her amazingly beautiful face. Keira was born March 26, and began acting at an early age on television. InKeira made her very first film appearance. She gained much fame and recognition in after co-starring in Bend it Like Beckham before rocking the world with her outstanding performance in when she appeared as Elizabeth Swann in the movie series, Pirates of the Caribbean.

In she played Rachel Morgan in The Aftermath. Are these rumors of the Keira Keira knightley boob job Nose Job rhinoplasty and face surgery really true? Did she actually go under the knife as speculated? Well, no one is certain, but there are overwhelming reasons to believe she actually did it. Whispers of Keira Knightley undergoing a nose job commonly known as rhinoplasty and facial procedures may not have been far-fetched after all — if recent photos of her are to be believed. The celebrity now appears quite different, something that is evidently supported by her pre and post-op photos.

The plastic surgery on her face thinly reduced the angle and bridge size of her nose. It can be hard to see the change the rhinoplasty made on her nose. This means that you will have to look very closely to be able to note the slight difference that her nose appears a little bit smaller. It is evident that the surgeon who worked on her is experienced and without doubt knows his job well.

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They look natural, and her chin, jaw, and face are amazing. Cosmetic jaw surgery does not seem likely. During one particular interview back inthe 26 year old star went public with her Keira knightley boob job for breast implants since her breasts were quite small sized and her chest lacked cleavage.

However, until now she we have yet to notice any evidence of a Keira Knightley boob job. So for now we can rule out Keira Knightley fake boobs. According to Dr. Michael Salzhauer of the Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery, thin, flat-chested women like Keira Knightley who choose to have breast implants must stay a bit unadventurous or conservative with the size of the implant if they still want to maintain a natural look.

Keira Knightley should most probably choose a silicone-gel implant, which should be no larger than cc to match her thin, athletic, body shape and 5 ft 7 in frame. Keira is a young, elegant, and beautiful woman that does not appear to have had any cosmetic surgeries on her rocking body up to now. On the other hand, some fans think she would look very lovely and even more awesome if she underwent breast enlargement surgery to augment her chest and body shape.

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There would be no post op surprise stress for Keira since she has already had a nose job and thus is familiar with recovery from plastic surgery. In yet another interview, Keira gave a positive impression about her going for a plastic surgery. She said that days of probably Botox, chin and cheek implants, nose jobs and even false hair are soon coming. It seems this suggestion, that most people took as another joke line from a common figure, was actually true.

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It is suspected by many that the fashionable brown-haired woman may have had a rhinoplasty nose job in her past. After her alluding publicly to fancying plastic surgery and getting fake boobs to supplement her real A-cup breast size, she may have well been preparing her fans for future plastic surgeries that she might have in mind.

Though she is one of the most upbeat stars in Hollywood and in everything she stars in, everyone wants to know whether her large, delicious, and succulent lips are natural or are because of some form of lip augmentation procedure.

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She appears to have had upper lip implants or lip injectionsto enhance her super sexy look and a nose job to polish and slim her nose. Paul Nassif who is a rhinoplasty specialist, a facial makeover surgeon and a reconstructive surgeon in Beverly Hills concurs with the fact that she might have had some facial cosmetic plastic surgeries.

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Fortunately, Keira still looks very natural and her nose and lips looks great and not overdone. All things well thought-out, it is a widely evident and doubtfully accepted not even one of her enthusiasts would have any problem with her undergoing breast implants or enlargements at some point in life, if at all she chose to get a cosmetic surgery done to her.

As long as she remains natural, fantastic, lovely and most of all a beautiful star. Most of all it is her body and as long as she feels comfortable she can always have the plastic surgery. So what plastic surgeries does Keira Knightley have planned? So how does her makeup artist contour her face to look so naturally smooth and chiseled? Everyone loves Lana Del Rey for her soft and sultry voice but there is another aspect of her personality that women love to follow and that is her timeless looks.

Here is a tutorial to create the smoldering black beauty Lana Del Rey look. You need a TIGI…. Eyebrow transplant is certainly not for everyone.

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It is probably for the women whose eyebrows are left with thinned hair forever Keira knightley boob job they have nothing except regretting their wispy brows and then trying to find a drastic solution to recover their lost eyebrows. They also get their inspiration…. See which of the celebrities look great with short haircuts.

A look-alike or a doppelganger is a person who resembles another in an uncanny and stark manner. Look-alikes are found everywhere, and it is said that every person has at least one doppelganger in the world. Whether these are long lost twins, siblings from another dimension, or pure coincidence, some…. Zooey Deschanel is a successful actress, songwriter, and musician. The celeb has had her fair share of the global attention having been nominated for…. Either braces but more likely her mandible has been moved backwards with surgery thus changing the look of her nose area etc.

I agree. I was watching Begin Again the other day and wanted to now who was the main girl with the British accent. I was shocked to realise it was Kiera Knightley because she looked nothing like the Kiera Knightley I remembered in the movies. Even her smile looked different, somewhat stiff and forced. Keira was so beautiful before. And now her face is so stiff. I saw her in one of her new film and the first thought was — what happened to her?

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Keira knightley boob job

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Keira Knightley Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos