Kick his nuts

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I am a year-old straight female. I used to babysit for a wealthy family, but their children have outgrown babysitters. I did this a few times, Dan, but I found it a bit unsettling. However, he never touched me inappropriately. Last time we did this, he told me he wanted to see how much pain he could take. He was able to take it for a surprisingly long time. My question is this: Is there a sexual component to this? I have never heard of anything like this before, and I find it odd. Please let me know your thoughts.

Your workouts with the blindfolds and the wrestling and the kicking?

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Unpaid sex work. But the risks are his. Most people are reluctant to admit to dishonesty, and a skilled manipulator will exploit that inhibition to get what he wants. I am a year-old straight man who has always known that he is a poly. The woman I love is not a poly. She is a monogamous person. When we started being sexual, it was a strictly friends-with-benefits arrangement, although a sexually exclusive one, at her insistence, and I Kick his nuts to that because neither of us expected anything long-term to come of it. But she has asked me to betray my sexual identity by remaining sexually exclusive.

If I cannot commit to that, she does not want to be with me. I am not asking the same of her: She does not have to sleep with other people to keep me in her life. She is, however, insisting that I not sleep with other people to keep her in my life.

Poly is not a sexual identity, PP. There are only people—gay, straight, bi—and some people are in monogamous relationships, some are in open relationships, some are in polyamorous relationships, some are in monogamish relationships, some are in four-star-general relationships. These are relationship models, PP, not sexual identities. The question is can you, despite your clear preference for nonmonogamous relationship models, be happy in this relationship?

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Kick his nuts

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My Boss Wants to Pay Me to Kick Him in the Nuts!