Koko the killer clown

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Koko the Clown originated when Max Fleischer invented the rotoscope, a device which allowed for animation to be more lifelike by tracing motion picture footage of human movement. To test out his new invention Fleischer photographed his brother Dave in a clown costume. After tracing the film footage amounting to 2, drawings and a year's work Koko the Clown was born and appeared in a cartoon series titled Out of the Inkwell from Koko's last silent film was Chemical Koko.

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It was in a Talkartoons film with Bimbo in the leading role that Betty Boop made her first appearance in and later became the Studios headliner. Koko was later merged into the Betty Boop series starting from In the Betty Boop series he is best friends with Bimbo the dog, and is usually paired up with him. In some cartoons Koko is sometimes romantically linked to Betty Boop as seen in Betty Boop's Penthouse where he envisions himself marrying her. In some of the cartoons Koko finds Betty attractive, whereas in some of his appearances he does not. In some of the original Betty Boop cartoons, Koko is a background character.

Koko's one true love is his girlfriend Kokette.

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Koko's face is painted white, he usually wears a black frilled all-in-one clown costume and black clown hat which both feature three pom-poms each. Koko also wears large clown shoes. When colored or in color, his palette is alternatively blue, red or pink. As seen in WFRR, he has can be seen wearing pink and yellow. Madame Upanova from Disney's Fantasia who is standing behind Koko makes it look like Koko has pink hair. The supposed hair mistaken by some, is actually in fact her feathers. Koko in that scene takes off his hat, making it look like Upanova's feathers are his hair.

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Koko the killer clown

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Koko the Clown