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Hello and thank you for being a DL contributor. We are changing the scheme for contributors for simpler and to better support using multiple devices. Some features on this site require registration. Hello and thank you for registering. If you can't find the you can resend it here. Some features on this site require a subscription. Cohen's most interesting revelation while in the hot seat? Other juicy tidbits spilled include his favorite housewife Vicky from Orange Countyhis newest celebrity crush Zac Lance bass penisand the craziest place he's ever had sex under the bleachers at Hollywood High School.

Then he is a liar, He said he never had sex with Bass, he only made out with him in a hot tub. Bass would have been 13 years his junior Fact or fiction, that he brags about it and betrays someone else proves that he is a despicable jhewphaggotte!

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OK it's just semantics but the question was "most famous person you've ever slept with" so maybe there was no penetration involved just oral. So "hooked up with" can mean only kissing? I don't really you the phrase but I thought it meant an orgasm must have happened, and not an involuntary one.

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When you're a big star, when do you have time to have sex with twenty different people on the same level as you? Admitting to having sex with lance Bass is doing him no favors. What a shameless attention hoe. If I were Lance I would be too embarrassed to leave the house today. Are we suppose to be jealous because he slept with a former member of a boyband? Like sleeping with Lance Bass is some big achievement.

I can see why Zac Efron avoids his creepy crossed eyed ass. R28, I can't imagine any other famous man who would fuck Andy Cohen. Lance Bass s probably the best he could do. I've never seen Andy Cohen on tv, so, admittedly, all I know about him is what I read on here. But I never understand the hate. He's out, he's proud, he's successful, he seems to be in on the joke. He doesn't seem to be hateful. He seems to be a happy, good-natured guy. He doesn't hide anything. And I think he's completely adorable. I'd fuck him in a heartbeat, even if I just saw him on the street and had no idea who he was.

He really is cute as hell. That's one I just don't get. I can only imagine how mortified Bass is Lance bass penis fug old cross eyed non talent is talking about this. I mean, how did Cohen know or did he just assume that Bass would want the world to know that information. What a douche. Even if you think it's beneath you, at least we live in a place and time where there is entertainment catered to us.

He could've done better. Lance bass penis so could've Lance. Bass is fugly. Andy is cross eyed. This proves there's someone for everyone. I'll be back after I throw up. Carry on. It's because DL is filled with bitter, elderly and closeted gay men.

Seeing an openly gay, successful man is like kryptonite to them. So if you're out and make lots of money, you're exempt from criticism and anyone who says anything negative about you is jealous? I think he's been working on the love handles.

I think he's a dick but he's definitely looking better. Unless you're a major celeb or could provide immediate access to a major celeb, he wouldn't give you a second look. I'm so sick of this argument, as though any man is beyond reproach simply because he sucks cock and tells about it.

Andy Cohen is responsible for unleashing tons of human sewage into the landscape of pop culture. He's taken a toxic level of bottom feeder and elevated them to television royalty, women who have accomplished nothing and are famous simply because of who they fucked and possibly married. He's part of the reason society is so fucked up. He continues to perpetuate every classless stereotype of gay men and hasn't done one fucking thing with all his money and clout to benefit the LGBT community.

Unfortunately, as mocking and dismissive as he is of others, he has absolutely no sense of humor about himself. R57 is so right on. This googly-eyed goblin is a blight on American culture. He's the foul, leaking wound that keeps on leaking. Andy is short and an endomorph. He's never going to look like your Nazi concentration camp standard of beauty. He probably had to get liposuction to get rid of the love handles. He was working out before it's just his age and body type. The same way someone naturally super skinny ectomorph is never going to be able to put on a bunch of Lance bass penis without steroids.

Andy Cohen is a douchebag. Whether or not he had sex with Lance Bass or anyone Lance bass penis for that matter should remain private--not broadcast on national television. Maybe Lance Bass or anyone else doesn't want their name said regarding an intimate matter. Regardless of the nature of Cohen's show to answer every question--you don't have to do so!!

Some things are better left unsaid. Mark is a taco bender, where would he fit in here? He's supposed to prefer the "pink taco" anyway. R66 For all you know he told Lance before the show. Just because it's live doesn't mean it's off the cuff. He's taken a toxic level of bottom feeder and elevated them to television royalty, women who have accomplished nothing and are famous simply because of who they fucked. Total agreement. Ryan Seacrest is still closeted and is largely responsible for the horrific plague of the Kuntrashians set upon Earth. He deserves all the derision Cohen receives and more: The "Housewives" will hopefully fade away in time but the Kuntrashians are here to stay.

The only reason I didn't bring up Seacrest was because I initially made the comments to take down yet another hand-wringer who was bemoaning the fact that we were tearing down out, proud gay men, but yes, I feel similarly about Ryan. Both Andy Cohen and Ryan Seacrest must hate women. I mean, giggling and hating on them so much - just based on the creepy shit they produce. It's galling. Andy hit on Jonathan Groff aggressively when he was on WWHL a couple of months ago, to the point where he pretty much straight up asked him if he preferred to top or bottom.

Then when JG said he was vers, Andy kept bringing it up again in a creepy way. OK so you are the type of person who sues Pizza Hut for making you fat rather than stop eating it or a gym? Andy is not forcing anyone to watch it. He has to make a living like everyone else. The "pop" in pop culture is short for "popular. Does that mean it's the most intellectually stimulating?

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Hell no. It's just entertainment. Some people want to give their brains a little escape after a long, taxing, stressful day. I don't watch the Kardashians and no one is forcing me to. When enough people are tired of them they will go away, but I don't let their success keep me up at night. Who cares? I don't get why you feel entitled to control everyone else like you are completely beyond reproach. Do you petitions to ban soda and fettuccine alfredo? Take responsibility for your own actions is what you're saying well, actually, your point meanders in the middle, but let's focus on the first partbut then you're letting Andy Cohen off the hook for his actions.

Why is everyone else supposed to avoid what's bad, but Andy gets a pass for manufacturing it? Andy said he had sex under the bleachers at Hollywood High School? Now we know he grew up in St. He has said he never had sex with a girl and I doubt he had gay sex before college. All this would indicate that at some point he visited Hollywood High School as an adult That's really disgusting and creepy. Hopefully it was NOT with a high school student. That's because you're too stupid to comprehend the diffence between "not a fan" and "hate.

Can anyone offer any insight into why Lance looks transgender at r78? Was that a hot look for boybanders at the time, like how those 80s hair-metal bands looked like drag queens? One would expect that after so many years in the show business, they would figure out a way to make Lance look attractive Lance bass penis no. It is very weird how Seacrest escapes derision. He also is supposed to have a notoriously small mini dick.

Lance bass penis

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