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NOTE: The events in this chapter will be experienced differently based on what happened at the end of Episode 2. When you have control of the camera you can look to your left to see your diary on the table to the left of the shelves of folders.

NOTE : If you warned Victoria successfully in Episode 4; you can look to your left to see Victoria tied up on the floor, you can try and talk to her but she is out of it.

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If you didn't warn her or she didn't believe you, she's not in this scene. You can see a trolley to your right, with various things on it - including a photograph of you, taken earlier by Mr Jefferson, which you can look at. There are 4 points which are attached by, both hands and both legs. You need to detach your right leg.

Then you can pull the trolley closer so you can use the photo Life is strange kiss warren go back in time. Look at the photo, then focus on the photo and use and to focus the photo lots of focusing to travel back. You are on the floor in the dark room, earlier in the night, with Mr Jefferson taking photos of you, then doing a bunch of "explaining".

This is the first time I noticed the edges of the photo properly, you can change what happens in the past, but are constrained by the limits of the photograph. Eventually Mr Jefferson complains about you moving too much and goes to get a new dose of sedative, you kick the trolley away, spilling the bottles over the folder. He then injects you, and the scene fades out. Talk to her to find out how she got there. She remembers you warned her about Nathan, she says she went to Jefferson, but he was acting weird.

You can see the remains of the broken bottle on the left of the room. The stained folder is on the bottom shelf, if you look at it Max comments that because the photos are stained, she can now use them. The photos that were affected are now in front of Max along with the photo and the camera. Look at the photosyou are sitting in the chair in this one, and Max comments that she looks more awake. Focus on the photo and use and to focus the photo to travel back again. You're in the chair still, but it's earlier and Mr Jefferson is talking again - you ask him why he's doing this.

Basically he's a world class creep. Nathan comes up in conversation, depending on what choices you made in the episodes you may be blamed for setting up Nathan and you find out more about Rachel Amber. After the conversation, Jefferson puts on some music and goes to print out some photos. You are now "free" to explore, you can see your journal on the table to the left, you look at it and comment about all the photos in your diary that could help. You get the little notification in the top corner that indicates Life is strange kiss warren are new conversation options. Rewind to when Jefferson starts to turn away and talk to him.

Focus on the selfie and use and to focus the photo to travel back again. You are back in Art Class at the "beginning", just after you take the selfie. Jefferson is talking you hear him mention the dark room - creepy premonition. Answer "Daguerreian Process" as the right answer, or pick one of the other responses for fun retorts. You decide to warn David about Jefferson and the dark room.

Look at your cell phoneyou need David's. Look at your bag to comment on having Blackwell brochures, search the bag to get a pamphlet.

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Flip through the s until you find David's on the lastuse to view the text. Back out and use your cellphone to text David. You are free to explore the classroom now. You now have the option to take a photo. Incandescent Take optional photo 1 in Episode 5: Polarized. Now head over to Victoria and Mr Jefferson, and give him the photo for the competition. At the end of the conversation it fades out and the photos start changing. You wake up on the plane to San Francisco on the Friday, all the events of the week having been erased and you having won the Everyday Heroes competition. You're sitting next to the headmaster.

You look over at a newspaper with a headline that says that a local teacher was arrested and you get a text from Chloe! There are a few things you can look atthe newspaper, the poster for the everyday heroes competition, the seat back TV turn it on with.

When you look at the principal's TV screen the pilot announces that you are nearly there. You can then talk to Principal Wells. You have another nosebleed after the conversation and then it fades into photos. You next come to entering the Zeitgeist Gallery. The principal advises you to talk to as many influential people as possible, gives you a pep talk and then he to the buffet. You now get to explore the gallery.

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Head right, down the stairs into a little room and see a camera on a bench behind a women looking at a set of photos. Pick up her camera and take a photo. Night Vision Take optional photo 2 in Episode 5: Polarized. Then head around the gallery and look at everything and talk to everybody. Leave your photo until last you're on the back wall. Look at your entry to approach, you then clutch your head and flash back to the storm and the lighthouse. You shout Chloe's name and come to with another bloody nose. You then run off to make a phone call to Chloe, she's back in Arcadia Bay in the tornado.

Head back upstairs to your picture, focus on it and use and to focus the photo to travel back to the moment you took the competition entry photo. You're back in your room having just taken the competition entry photo. You can't see much because you have such a limited area, reality is breaking down. Look at the photoand then tear it upto stop the timeline Life is strange kiss warren need to be in Arcadia Bay not San Francisco.

Cut to another photo fade. You're back in the dark room, not the classroom - but why? Turns out Jefferson found the torn up competition entry in your diary and burnt it along with all your photos - so you couldn't have gone back to that first day.

Jefferson goes to get the drugs to kill you with, as he approaches and is about to stick you with the needle he hears a noise and he over to the doorway, it's David! But Jefferson is too quick and clonks him over the head knocking him to the ground and killing him, then he comes back for you.

Rewindand as Jefferson walks over to the wall should out to warn David. This is not successful on it's own. You need to rewind to the cutscene, and when he says "no more nosebleeds", you can now ask him for a final request to allow David time to get in and you should ask for for "one last picture".

Framed Take optional photo 3 in Episode 5: Polarized. Jefferson puts the camera down near the door. Now allow it to play out and warn David again. This time when he falls to the floor tell him to use the camera.

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Nope he gets shot. Rewind again back to the nosebleed conversation, choose "some water? You get more options to suggest to David - you can try kicking the table, grabbing the gun, grabbing the bottle behind him all - these won't work. If you want to avoid damaging David Minor decision 1then after you "warn" him you need to push the trolley with the water at Jefferson.

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Finally, look at the floor, there's a cable, pull it to knock a lamp to the floor and distract Jefferson allowing David to knock him out. Now you are free, you can explore the dark room. There are a bunch of things to look at at, and you can talk to David. You will have to make some decisions Life is strange kiss warren talking to David and the conversation will vary depending on what's happened so far - you will have the option to tell him about Chloe or not when he asks where she is.

Minor decision 2. You now are free to go and get the photo from Warren, you've already taken Jefferson's car keys, so now leave the dark room to take his car. When you get up the stairs you get a al and call Warren, he tells you that he's at the Two Whales diner with Joyce; so you get in the car and tell him you're coming there. When you're in the car heading towards town, your phone buzzes with an answerphone message from Nathan. Oops, too little, too late. Driving through town is rather scary due to the gigantic storm!

The way is blocked so you have to stop. When you get out and head down the road, be careful of flying debris you may need to rewind. There are several people you can save as you walk towards the diner, and several more that are sadly beyond saving. Head down the road, and step over a pole. The path is blocked before you is now blocked, you need to enter a shop on the left to get past. But it is on fire, so you need to turn on the electricity to turn on the sprinklers. However, if you go to the fuse box and turn it on immediately you electrocute the fisherman in the next room. However, you can't talk to him from the side you're on.

To save him you need leave the fire out and head into the room he is in. Then rewind to un-kill him, and talk to him. Then lean through the window to turn the fuses on and tell him to get out of here. Now the fire is out and you can head through the building around the debris to get to the diner. You can't get in the front door, so you head around to the side.

Life is strange kiss warren

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