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in or register for additional privileges. NathianAuthor. My queer character of analysis is Lily Aldrin because first of all, I absolutely love her and secondly, she displays bisexual tendencies throughout some episodes. Before my studies in Sexuality and Media, I truly believed her behavior was pure comedy and not serious whatsoever.

However, once learning about Queer Theory, I quickly realized nothing in the media is an accident. Ted is explaining to his children the timeline of influential events before he met their mother. Ted has an entourage of best friends.

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Lily Aldrin is married to Marshall Ericksen. They all met in college and have been best friends with Ted ever since Marshall was his college roommate. Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky are an interesting couple. They are always on and off, but end up getting married and quickly divorced. Although Lily is madly in love with her husband, Marshall, her bisexuality is a recurring element in most seasons of the show. While trying to make Marshall admit the new bartender is hotter than her, Lily says that she thought about her in bed a couple of times the night before.

This bisexual behavior does not cause any problems between the relationships and friendships. Keep this in mind before we go on to the theoretical portion of this analysis. Consider the outcome if Marshall was gay and showed the same affection to Ted [1]. What Does This All Mean? Throughout my research, I found many theories on LGBTQ communities as a whole and only specific details about gays and lesbians.

However, not much research has been Lily aldrin sex solely on the Bisexual Theory. The L Word is a show centralized around a group of lesbians and serves as a great example for comparison. However, also may be a problem because every time Lily had a bisexual encounter it was under humor and silly conditions.

The other characters in the show thought it was funny, therefore so did the viewers. I include this interesting point because of the channel s I watched the series on. These new forms of media and information are important when considering the production of shows.

Now, when watching Netflix in my bed at home or my laptop at school or even my iPhone while biking at the gym, the shows content is Lily aldrin sex with every person who can see the screen. Conclusion Lily is played by Alyson Hannigan, and interestingly, her character on Buffy the Vampire Slayer was lesbian.

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How I Met Your Mother does an average job with being inclusive in other areas. However, the only black male was gay with no father for most of the episodes. The production team is influential, the cast is on the front-line, and the media channel we view these shows on, matters. We must keep all of this in mind when taking in media. Lily Aldrin is a bisexual character hidden behind her normative, hereto-sexual marriage, life and routine.

The handbook of gender, sex, and media. Chichester: Wiley Blackwell. Comment on this. Local Discussion Popout. Add your voice to this discussion. Checking your ed in status Created by Nathian. Help reading this book. Published by Nathian Shae Rodriguez, Ph. Powered by Scalar.

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