Lindsay lohan toes

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Feet rating stats total votes beautiful. Filter by:. Got anymore Lindsay Lohan Feet Pictures? Jennifer Aniston. Liv Tyler. Sarah Michelle Gellar.

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Jessica Alba. Emma Watson II. Comment section. The comment section is intended for intellectual discussions over symmetry and aesthetics. Describing of fantasies is prohibited. Blacklist user Reply. I think she had a low self esteem growing up, and that's why she hit the tanning bed so hard in her teens.

Then came the other stuff Cute enough when younger She is a "celebrity" though. Some of her old pictures and movie covers Lindsay lohan toes iconic Nothing against our girl here. Only hope the best for Her I recently saw a close up of her feet and thought these belong to a much older woman. If I scroll long enough, I will usually find a post that mirrors my own sentiments so I can say, "Ditto". She's definitely not aging well for a woman of only I don't know what the cause would be. Redhe have some odd genetic traits, and it could be a variety of skin conditions that we don't know about.

Redhe also tend to not do well in the sun, and Lohan seems to spend a lot of time basking in that. She also seems to wear heals a lot whenever she's not at the beach, so even after a couple decades of that her feet are just physically mashed up. Mostly though, I'm leaning toward excessive sun damage being the overall cause of her aged appearance. Not trying to be a "Mean Guy" here, but this is the likely reality.

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Yet still times more attractive than the overrated Emma Stone or Emma Watson who's rankings are off the charts ridiculous. I think similar to Britney and Christina she just tried too hard to be a "bad girl. Like trying to stay an innocent and pretty Disney star and good role model. She tried to do too much and therefore burned out quickly. Many celebrities do this. The thing is you can be sexy and still be classy and innocent at the same time.

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Yep its Sad truth good example as warning to kids what drugs does to one, Lohan is a good warning. She looked pretty good in, "Machete". But she looks like an absolute crackhead now. She involved with a group of muslims and I swear she gave an actual interview speaking as if she had a middle eastern accent.

Her brain is totally fried. to wikiFeet Remember me Forgot my password up.

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me on new: Pictures Wall Posts. I agree! Lohan looks 70's Blacklist user Reply. And her feet are just horrifying!!! How'd she ever become a movie star?? Those things are awful. Shame Blacklist user Reply. She's like That's nothing to be ashamed of. She's not old Blacklist user Reply. Super hot in every way back then Blacklist user Reply.

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What's the problem? Very natural looking. It's a terrific picture.

Lindsay lohan toes

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Lindsay Lohan