Mabel x dipper fanfiction

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A Sweet Treat oneshot by choc-chip-pancakes - Ford and Mabel bake cupcakes. Featuring Ford under-appreciating Mabel.

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The Adventure with the Scars oneshot by Giroshane - Ford has more in common with Mabel than he ly thought. The Adventure with the Hair oneshot by Giroshane - Ford loses a bet, and so he has to let Mabel style his hair. Solace of warm and fuzzy clothing oneshot by whovianhiddlestoner - Ford and Mabel share a similar coping mechanism.

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Birds of a Feather oneshot by kalajorn - Ford sees Mabel test out her new flight suit. Tales of the Alpha Twins series of oneshots;incomplete by stariousfalls - Ford and Mabel bonding. Untitled oneshot by logicalbookthief - Mabel interacting with Stan on her first and last nights in Gravity Falls.

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Souvenir oneshot by altairattorney - Mabel gives Stan something to help his memory. Five Minutes Older multichapter;complete by thesnadger - Mabel ends up trapped in and meets up with a younger version of Stan. Restart oneshot by carpenoctem22 - Stan and Dipper after Weirdmageddon. Duet by oneshot congressmanmabel - Dipper and Stan bond over singing.

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Midwinter oneshot by thesnadger - Soos stops by the Shack one winter and gives Stan a present. No More Candles oneshot by phantomrose96 - Stan and young Soos discuss birthdays.

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Source: val-arts. See snapback-gravity-falls's whole Tumblr.

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