Maggie walking dead sexy

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Negan killing Glenn has gone down in TV history as one of the most infamous deaths scenes of all time. When Negan found himself locked up in a jail cell, Maggie thought it would be best to leave him to rot rather than put him out of his misery. When that time comes and he packs his bags, Maggie tries to stop him — followed by an awkward silence. Was the tension between Maggie and Negan hinting at anything romantic? Probably not, or perhaps this is the beginning of the most unfathomable romance in television history.

Of course, we call always count on the fans to voice their opinion on the matter. Yup Neagan want Maggie. Can we talk about that strange moment that felt like sexual tension between Negan and Maggie there?

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Was that purposeful? I know I'm not the only fan to see it! Will Maggie and Negan find themselves closer than ever, or further apart? Will it end with blood or with romance? Only time will tell.

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Maggie walking dead sexy

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