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During your visit to World of Coca-Cola, you learn that your date is effervescent and bubbly, just like your refreshing drink of soda pop. His cheerful demeanor makes your outing a pleasure and adds just the right amount of fizz to your afternoon. You head north to Antico Pizza Napoletana. You feel ready to play the field and your date asks you to play ball with him.

He compliments you until your cup runneth over while the beer in your stein overflows. He responds that your unique special qualities make it a pleasure. You feel like a muse who inspires your artist. You request he accompany you on your stroll back to the Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta, where you tuck in for the night.

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Authorities direct you to call Cowboys4Angels! During the remainder of the evening, you study the clues about your date and learn he is a charming… thief because he is the one who steals your heart for the night, making him the one whodunit!

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No mystery there! You want the best, as you insist he be: handsome, smart, funny, conversational, sexy, interesting, and interested in you.

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You get wet… when you take in the…Dolphin Show from the front row seats, which constantly get splashed. You meet your dashing date at Bacchanalia, in Westside, for a decadent dinner.

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After dessert, you dash to the Goat Farm Arts Center, where you watch a breathtaking interpretive dance performance. You fantasize about the modern-day reminders of yester-year. Afterward, you stroll through the neighborhood and briefly tuck into Joystick Gamebar for some good, old-fashioned play. You traverse north to a Midtown favorite, Empire State South, for an indulgent dinner of modern, traditional southern cuisine.

As you share the weekend with your Cowboys4Angels Cowboy, you turn up the heat to your plans. For some playful variety, you hit the Variety Playhouse for a live music performance. You share a magical night at the St. Regis Atlanta. In the morning, you your fun masquerade of coupledom, about town, as you head to the concert venue, Masquerade, for another live show.

I know good fun is within our reach! But, first, take a taste of my Georgia nuts!

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Now, will you be a peach and please help me off with this blouse? I too enjoyed trying their sweetbre and tripe. Plus, the oysters left me feeling especially ripe! Home Company Cowboys Placeholder. for Employment Variety is the Spice Romance in the Windy Allow me to reintrodu View All Blog Entries. For Employment.

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