Manuel ferrara girth

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Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? The Ideal Pornstar Package? Posts Latest Activity Photos. of 1. Filtered by:. template Next. It's most common for us guys to think length over girth. We as men admire length overall and forget about girth in general. If your penis is less than 5 inches in length your consider below average.

If your penis is larger than 6. We can agree that the porn industry is always lying to the public about size. Most penisis are shot from different camera angles to make the monster bite out in front of you.

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I do believe in two factors and one being too small or too damn big to have sex. I will not go into to this discussion right now, but I will leave this one up to you to decide for yourself. Just remember the ideal penis is in the eye of the beholder.

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It's the same situation as when it comes to a woman's breast size. Some men prefer big knockers and some like em small and tiny. I firmly believe to achieve a pornstar penis you really don't need that much length as some claim. The pornstar penis can range from 6 to 7 inches in length with the girth making up the rest. A good example of this would be Manuel Ferrara. We can say Manuel Ferrara has a length under 7. We can be realistic and say he has a length close to 6. This making him the ideal pornstar that he is today. Tell me your thoughts on this subject and get back with me?

Tags: None. Manuel ferrara girth shots. PE is a lot like sex. First you have to find your technique, rotate your routine, and then plan on it taking a while. Then you will find satisfaction. Comment Post Cancel. Senior Member Member of the Month May I would say that covers most of them. It depends on what it's ideal for.

As Daddy said, a longer dick is better for visuals. If we're talking what's best to please a female, from everything I've read and I've read tons and tons of shit on this subject during my obsessive quest in the pastgirth is more of a preference when it comes to sexual satisfaction. Start Manuel ferrara girth 5. Current - 7. All manual so far. Senior Member Member of the Month Jan Except maybe Peter North. At least I can see my schlong! Just Saying!!! Age 49, 5' 9. I have 16 inch arms and very cut so my dick looks good on my size as well. Started: 7 x 5 Current: 8 inches x 6. Senior Member Member of the Month Oct Originally posted by akaTrex View Post.

Senior Member Member of the Month Dec Op isn't asking about the ideal pornstar package. He is indirectly asking if his 6. The stuff about Manuel Ferrera and the shifting from first-person singular back and forth to third-person plural was his way of redirecting focus off of himself. Sex is the great leveler, taste the great divider.

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I think that Jackxx mentioned in some other thread that the size iz not the most important, but EQ is. Most men fail to get errection when filming a set. If i remember correctly. Originally posted by Fishy View Post. Originally posted by sidneycrosby View Post.

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Manuel ferrara girth

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