Matilda iv review

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I know 30 days of prem on Matilda iv review is more than g in T14 package. BP is one of the biggest joke premiums in the game. Don't even think about wasting money on it. IV is one of the first the first? T14 is a tank that goes forward fast but turns like a boat. The armor can be trolly because of the thick side skirts and very angled front plate, plus thick turret armor - but the gun is horrible. I agree with the others that the T14 is the best pick of the litter, followed by the Matilda IV. None of them are exceptional tanks but there are some differences. It has nice base pen and very nice gold pen, and in my experience the gun overall works pretty well.

However, you have the cripplingly bad mobility of the regular Matilda, and although your hull armor is the same comparable to many tier 5 heaviesthe turret is pretty much useless.

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It's a very slow tank whose decent hull armor is largely negated by the buttery soft turret. The Matilda IV, by comparison, gets a much smaller and tougher turret, as well a larger caliber 75mm gun and an insane 14 degrees of gun depression. If you can deal with the pen, the tank works reasonably well.

The T14 is very different, with way better engine power and top speed, a very sturdy turret, and a trolly though somewhat unreliable hull armor profile, with tons of spaced armor on the sides. The gun is the main weakpoint, with bad accuracy, meh gun handling, low AP pen, and underwhelming though manageable DPM. I own all three and the only vehicle I play with any degree of regularity is the T14, because at least it isn't painfully slow. Just to be a pedantic asshole historian; Matilda Black Prince has a Centaur I turret, hence the 6 pdr. Cavalier and Centaur are sorely lacking in the tech tree, BP being the only link to the early Cromwell Matilda iv review.

To put actually something constructive in here, the Black Prince has a hilarious firerate and can actually shoot faster than it can aim.

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The turret is big and made of paper and mobility is shit. It can do well on smaller maps and rips smaller targets to shreds. However out of the three tanks on sale I'd also recommend the T14 based on specs, but also consider your crew training needs. And perhaps look at saving money for at least a tier 6. The BP has a fast firing acceptable pen gun, good armor, very slow. The IV has a fast firing pitiful pen gun you will need to fire gold regularilyok armor but slow.

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The T14 has a meh gun M3 75mmvery good troll armor outgunned by the japanese thanks anyway. Matilda armour layout is solid in tier 4 matches, but in tier 5 and higher it's almost unexistant, but you are still trolled by its speed or lack of it :. In the end, those two tanks are just gonna stay untouched in your garage. Matilda BP has the best gun and requires no gold to be shot most of the time. The T14 has the best armor. The Matilda IV is somewhere in the middle. None of these are great at anything and they won't make much credits either.

They're all disappointing but the T14 is the least disappointing of the three so if you feel you really must buy a tier 5 premium Matilda iv review you will likely rarely use pick the T I've no US heavy premium, I take it the T14 would be ok for crew training?

It's not bad if you can't afford the T34 or Patriot like me. Trains a lot slower since its a tier V but it helps. The crew layout gets weird past tier VII cause of the extra loader but its not a huge deal, just swap your loaders out as you train them. Get the T14, it's basically an alright heavium with no real weakness aside from low base pen.

Too tired to write a lengthy post but T14 was one of the first prem tanks i got and imo it's really good for it's tier if you have premium to fire apcr. I wouldn't buy any tier 5 prems. They're not really good or do they make that good credits or train crews that well. The Valentine II is on offer as well.

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Is that any better than these three? Found the internet! Posted by 4 years ago. Buy or pass? Please provide pros and cons. Sort by: best. Out of the 3, I'd go with the T14 first, IV second. Continue this thread. The matilda 30 day prem is worth it tho. Matilda IV is ok, aside from the low pen. Big bonus. All 3 have preferential MM I believe.

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Matilda iv review

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