Mature caning stories

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Things had changed for Miss Julie. She was now twenty-three years old, five feet nine inches tall, with a Mediterranean look, a very pretty face framed by her dark hair, had gorgeously pert breasts, a lovely figure, and a very strong personality to go I remember her saying at my interview. This is the story of my jour Sylvia Merchant was a divorcee aged in her very late fifties and she was having a few days holiday, on her own, in a seaside town.

It was late afternoon and she was Mature caning stories the only customer in a cafe and, as she was sipping her coffee, a group of sc After we got home from our weekend spa break, neither of us could put from our minds the marks that the cane had left on the girl in the room next door's bottom. That morning, fifty-eight-year-old Malaika Kapoor had received a requested caning from her lover of the night before, Jane Blackwood, who was aged forty-eight.

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Jane had been visiting the town on business and after her day's business activities, she It was a nice sunny day and forty-eight-year-old Jane Blackwood was wandering around the town, killing time in between the business meeting that she had attended and her hotel evening meal. She looked in the window of a ladies clothes shop and decided Helen Spencer was looking forward to being taken to a country house for dinner with Angela Drake, her forty-five-year-old girlfriend, together with two of their friends, Jackie and Victoria, both also forty-five years old.

Helen was forty-s Natasha Tompkins and Rebecca Jakes arrived separately at Mature caning stories even though they were lovers and lived together. Natasha was the headmistress and was forty-five-years-old. Rebecca was her secretary and was thirty-seven-years-old. They kept their relat It was the day after my eighteenth birthday in late June that year when Doreen Hannah cheerily announced to me that I would be receiving my birthday spanking during the stock take that would take place that Thursday afternoon when the store was closed Doreen Hannah, the eldest of the two ladies who ran our local village shop where I worked part-time, wasted no time in planning and preparing for my next spanking.

She had been unsure about how I would react to her note that she had placed in my trouse The wife continues the tale. If you behave this week you Michael Iveson was a forty-four-year-old bachelor and he was currently on a two-week touring holiday in Scotland.

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He was visiting a town in The Highlands and he had two nights bo I know tonight will be serious, even as Salome snaps the cuffs tight about my wrists, binding me to the ceiling. I watch as she he to the rack to choose what item's kiss I will know.

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I always feel fear as she goes there, wondering what flavor of pai Time had passed quickly and nineteen-year-old Lucy was now firmly in charge of forty-one-year-old Jackie. for Free!

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Write Your Own Story. Filter Genres. Manager To Mistress When your manager becomes your Mistress.

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When We Were At School Two middle-aged women reminisce about schooldays leading to them both again feeling the cane. The Ladies Fashion Shop - Part 2 Three mature women get together for a night of lesbian sex and spanking and caning.

The Ladies Fashion Shop Shop owner and customer form a mutual attraction that le to sex and caning.

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Kinkyhelen Kinkyhelen disobeys Angela when at a restaurant and is punished in front of all the diners. Spank, Sister Spank! Failing to do as I had been asked le to another Thursday "Stock Take" at the shop. The Museum Exhibit A man and a slightly older woman meet in a museum and discuss a display item.

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Caned Salome puts me to the Test with her cane.

Mature caning stories

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