Men grabbing their crotch

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When it comes to attraction, males and females use different als to display their attractive qualities. Female courtship als primarily involve displaying beauty and submissiveness. On the other hand, male courtship als involve a display of wealth, status, and dominance. One way in which men display dominance is by displaying their crotch.

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The most common way in which men display their crotch is by taking up the thumbs-in-belt gesture. The thumbs are hooked to the belt or the pockets while the fingers spread out and highlight the crotch.

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This gesture is used by men to display a dominant, sexually aggressive attitude. Interestingly, this crotch display gesture is also seen in apes and some other primates. Some primates such as baboons are a bit more direct. They display dominance by spreading their legs and displaying their penis, giving it continual adjustment or even waving it at their enemies. I must have been around 11 or 12 years old. It was a bright Sunday morning and we had arranged a cricket match with some schoolmates.

Everything was normal as the game progressed and as usual, both the teams rejoiced at the high points and wore disappointed expressions at the low points of the game. A rather strange thing happened when the game was over.

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It was a narrow contest right to the end but our team lost. Needless to say, the other team was elated. They jumped with joy, yelled and screamed. But one particular boy was over-excited. He felt so powerful and dominant due to the win that he dropped his pants and showed his penis to our team. My team-mates laughed it off but I was taken aback. I never forgot that incident.

I wanted to know why he did that. What possible motive or desire could force a person to resort to such extreme behavior?

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It remained an unanswered question, an unresolved problem in my psyche for a long time until years later when I read about human evolution and body language, the whole picture became clear to me. He may not realize it but unconsciously he knows that the penis display is an effective way to display dominance, and so do his friends. Penis display, symbolical or not, has come to be strongly associated with offending someone or showing dominance in the human psyche, thanks to its effectiveness.

Belt and crotch-grabbing while dancing is a subtle form of crotch display and men across different cultures do it- from Michael Jackson to Salman Khan. The wallets that have those chains dangling on the side of the crotch became popular among men because it helped them draw attention to their crotch. War is just a lot of men standing around in a field waving their pricks at one another. Of course, the bombs, the rockets, and the bullets are all shaped like dicks.

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Feel free to contact me if you have a query. Thumbs in belt or pockets The thumbs are hooked to the belt or the pockets while the fingers spread out and highlight the crotch. Hanan Parvez.

Men grabbing their crotch

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A Guy Explains Why Men Touch Their Junk So Much