Men with big calves

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I loathe baggy or even moderately baggy jeans.

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Nice, clean straight lines that work for the office or out with friends. The problem? I have huge, muscular calves. Just the way I'm built. So, when I find jeans that fit perfectly in the seat and thighs -- not too much bagginess who likes the "diaper" look? I want to avoid looking like I'm wearing black tights from the knees down. For example, Bonobo's Travel Jeans in their tailored fit their slimmest cut are perfect in the seat and thighs, but too tight below the knee. Their next fit up "slim" is better on my calves, but Men with big calves baggy in the seat and thighs.

It sounds like a pipe dream, eh? I'm 5' 10", lbs. They are not high-brow deer jeans, but take a look at Levi's Athletic cut. They were deed to accommodate the physique you describe. Hebrew Barrister Senior Member. I have the same problem. I have found the banana republic slim fit lines have the calf room I need while being properly slim elsewhere. Dhaller Elite Member. I'm an avid cyclist myself, so I sympathize. It's fitted enough without being "leggings".

Yes, it has spandex, and a woman's name for some reason, but thus far it wears well. I get mine at Bloomingdales, but I think Nordstrom carries them. Online too, of course. Is it possible that you're just going to have to settle for a straight leg cut? I know some friends back in the day that pushed the issue so much that their jeans wore in the calf area. It wasn't a great look. Otherwise I would give the Levis 's a try, but they may be too full in the thigh area. Click to expand Last edited: Nov 20, We will only use it to contact you to confirm your post.

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Men with big calves

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