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There is no greater taboo in the Dragon Age franchise than the use of blood magic to achieve one's ends. In some cases, as Dragon Age 2 players discovered in Kirkwallmages backed into a corner and struggling to find the power Merill dragon age needed often turned to demons of the Fade in an attempt to improve their lot in life.

Dalish mage Merrill of the Sabrae clan did not necessarily lack the power she required, but she did not have enough lyrium to cleanse the shard of an ancient elven artifact she believed would lead the People to history and lore that had been long forgotten through the ages. When she turned to the clan's Keeper, Maritari, the Keeper refused to help her, asking Merrill to leave the past in the past -- but she couldn't let it go.

With no one on her side, Merrill turned to blood magic, seeking aid from a pride demon to cleanse the shard of the Taint and help her Merill dragon age an Eluvian. Merrill and the Eluvian were introduced in Dragon Age: Origins if the player character chose the Dalish elf background.

When the player and their hunting partner, Tamlen, happened upon three humans in the woods who claimed to have been exploring a lost ruin, the two elves followed their story to find out more. Within the ruins, they discovered a mysterious mirror. When Tamlen reached out to touch the surface, it unleashed a strange pulse of magic that knocked the player unconscious. Rescued by the Grey Warden, Duncan, the player woke two days later inflicted with a strange fever the Warden identified as the darkspawn Taint.

Returning with Merrill to the ruins to search for Tamlen, one can surmise this venture prompted what would eventually become an unhealthy obsession with the Eluvian for Merrill. Merrill took a shard of the Tainted mirror, and when the Blight forced the Dalish to flee Ferelden and head toward the Free Marches, she carried it with her and began studying it. Her growing obsession prompted her to research the Eluvian more deeply.

In time, she remembered the magic the Keeper used to cleanse the Taint from the Grey Warden player character.

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Marethari refused to help cleanse the shard with traditional magic, forcing Merrill to use blood magic to gain the power she needed to cleanse it. Marethari was appalled by the lengths Merrill went, worrying that her First's obsession would lead her down a dark path of no return.

Ignoring the Keeper's warnings, Merrill began building an Eluvian on Sundermount and by the time Hawke arrived at the Dalish encampment in Act One of Dragon Age 2Merrill and Marethari were at such odds with one another that Merrill planned to leave the clan. She brought the Eluvian with her to Kirkwall and set it up in the bedroom of her small apartment in the Lowtown alienage. She spoke animatedly about the Eluvian to Hawke, who could either encourage her obsession and gain her friendship, or side with Marethari's beliefs and begin building a rivalry with her. When Act Two rolled around, Merrill asked Hawke to travel back to the clan with her and request a special dagger called the Arulin'Holm that she believed will help her restore the mirror's power.

Despite the Dalish right of vir sulevanan that allowed the clan to claim any property in exchange for service, Marethari relented if they agreed to kill the varterral that had been killing off their hunters and gave the dagger to Hawke. With the future of Merrill's project left up to the player character, who was given the opportunity to either foster her friendship by giving her the dagger or increase rivalry by refusing.

If Hawke refused to give Merill dragon age the dagger, she sank into resentment and deep depression. Even with the dagger, she still consulted the pride demon regularly on matters of the Eluvian.

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When the demon grew quiet, she began to fear for the clan and asked Hawke to return to Sundermount with her to warn them. Marethari waited for them there, where she'd already released the demon from its prison and explained to Merrill that it was using her in hopes that she would fix the Eluvian and set it free. The demon possessed Marethari, causing Hawke and party to fight and kill her. Merrill's obsession with the Eluvian destroyed her spirit and her clan.

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As Hawke's rival her depression only worsened after Marethari's death. She believed it was her foolishness and unwillingness to listen to reason that got Marethari killed. If Hawke supported Merrill, she was still crushed by Marethari's death, but believed it was the clan's fault for not heeding her warnings or helping her when she asked for it. Anders and Fenris both struggled with and occasionally antagonized Merrill throughout the game, primarily because she had no qualms using blood magic, either in battle or to see her ends met with the construction of the Eluvian.

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Despite their rivalry, Merrill pled with Hawke to spare Anders' life after he blew up the Chantry. Merrill was also a potential romance for either a male or female Hawke -- even as their rival. Merrill's Eluvian can be seen in the Crossro during Inquisition.

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As Morrigan explained, the Eluvian network was a means of travel beyond the Fade. The information contradicted some of what Keeper Marethari used to persuade Merrill to give up on her plight to fix and rebuild it. With Solas restoring and claiming the Eluvian network, it is possible fans might see Merrill's Eluvian again in future games. Still, it's not clear whether the cost of building it was ultimately worth it considering it destroyed her clan, her friendships and, in a way, her mind.

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