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If you first rescued Chico and tried to be rather fast, you will spot a truck waiting on the crossro. You can jump on it and lay down, which will make it possible for you to go through the gate unnoticed.

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If you Mgsv find paz too late to see the truck, you will have to use another way. First, knock out the enemy standing near the wall. Cross the road an hide between the tents. Now head to the barracks. Then, hiding between the buildings, try to make it to the fence around the courtyard, in front of the main base. Go over the fence and staying low or crawling, when spottedreach the red door to your left. You can use the ventilation shaft in the corner, near the street lamp. Behind the door, you will notice a fence around the power controls. One of the generators is uncovered so you can disable the cameras in the whole building.

If you used the truck to get to the base, head to the same place by going between a building and the wall around the base. Behind the fence, there is a warehouse with raised foundations. You can go beneath it. Wait for a while, until the guard that stands nearby is sent to fix the power.

You will have to take him out. In other case, when the power is switched back on, the mission will be much harder to accomplish.

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Go behind the neighboring building and start crawling halfway through, because one of the guards will be looking your direction. Distract him or knock him out and climb up the stairs. Mgsv find paz will be a guard standing on the other side of the stairs. If you don't hurry, he will start going up the stairs, so have your non-lethal weapon ready. Remember to hide the body behind the building. Jump over the yellow barrier. Watch out for the patrolling guard. Wait until he passes you or take him out. Then, head to the other side of the corridor to the machines on your right.

Head right behind the passage. You will find Paz at the end of the next room. If you managed not to activate the alarm, there should be no guards in the room. However, if you were noticed, there may be around three guards waiting for you. Go behind the machines, from where you will be able to easily eliminate the enemies. You can't rescue Paz as long as the alarm is active. With Paz on your shoulders, head to the exit.

You will notice two guards in the corridor. Wait until they end their conversation. One will start approaching you so try to hide and take him down when he comes near you. You can escape quietly by going the same way which you have arrived.

Turn left. You will notice two guards on the stairs so hide behind the machinery until the way is clear. There will be a guard standing on top of the stairs. Take him down with a shot from your silent pistol and continue your escape.

Go behind the buildings one more time and get out of the base through the red door. Now, you can either go back the way you came, or go the other way, Mgsv find paz to the place where you've started the mission. You will encounter less guards if you go along the refugee camp, so when choosing this way you have more chance to succeed.

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However, if you've eliminated a lot of enemies when going to the base, the path back to the coast should be clear. There is also the possibility to use the truck. If you have used it to get to the base, you will find it in the place where it was parked. If not, it will be parked in the courtyard, outside the base. This way of escaping is a bit more dangerous, because the truck is not very durable and your enemies can spot you through the windshield.

You can also head to the landing zone, right next to the base, but you will have to clear the area from the soldiers first, so that they don't shoot the helicopter down. If you haven't raised the alarm, there should be an empty armored vehicle, using which you can quickly take care of quite a few enemies. This option is very quick, but killing many soldiers will bring you lower score and you may not get the S rank.

All logos and images are copyrighted by Mgsv find paz respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. Game Guide. Extracting Paz. Table of Contents. You can use the truck to get to the base. Knock out the guard. Avoid the enemies' sight and don't leave any bodies behind you. Go over the fence. Sabotage the power. Hide under the warehouse.

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Go behind the building. The guard near the stairs. Watch out for the guard on the lower level.

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Free Paz. Escape the base carrying Paz. Watch out for the two guards walking down the stairs. Deal with the guard who is on top of the stairs.

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Use the truck to escape. Escaping in the chopper.

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Mgsv find paz

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