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TC forwarded his to the people at Biotest who handle international s. That would've been that, if he hadn't been curious about what Henderson does, and the exotic world in which he does it. We agreed to use a pseudonym so we could have a frank discussion about the bodybuilding scene in the Middle East, including the parts his employers wouldn't want to see one of their executives talking about.

Some background: Henderson, born and raised in the United Kingdom, was recruited several years ago by a major Middle Eastern fitness-center operation to move to Dubai and serve as their head trainer. The emirate of Dubai is about the size of Rhode Island, a place with lots of sand and surprisingly little oil and natural gas. But if you've heard of Dubai, it's because of the action in the city of the same name, which rose from a Middle Eastern backwater to an international colossus in a single generation.

InDubai hadpeople — roughly as many as modern-day Little Rock, Arkansas. Before the recession hit the population had soared to 1. In today's world, the confluence of money and population growth means someone has to open and run Middle eastern bodybuilder gyms where all those people work out. Henderson's company opens the gyms, and his job is to make sure the members get a state-of-the-art training experience.

So we were curious about how the immodest nature of bodybuilding mixes with the rigid social structures of the Muslim world. The answer is, "surprisingly well," although the potential for screwing up is profound.

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Staying fit while avoiding the pitfalls of living like a Westerner in the conservative Arab world is a job in itself, as Henderson explained in a telephone interview from Dubai. T Nation: Where are you right now? Judging by all the horns, it sounds like you're in Midtown Manhattan at rush hour.

It's Thursday evening here in Dubai, and Fridays are a day off, so it's like Friday night for Westerners. There's normally only one day off a week here, so it can be crazy. That's right. It can be a bit of a shock. I get a two-day weekend every couple weeks, so it's not so bad.

Like most things, eventually you get used to it. Oh yeah, to hour days are the norm. Most people are here from another country to make as much money as they can, and you hear stories all the time of foreigners working ridiculous hours to support families back home. For example, a lot of the taxi drivers here will work 12 hours a day, seven days a week, with no holidays, but once a year get a month off to go home to India or Pakistan to see their families. T Nation: You're out there working in the fitness field.

How's the money compared to a similar job back home? Not a cent. You have all this growth, all these ro and infrastructure and amazing buildings, but no tax whatsoever. And why? Cause the guys who own everything are so freaking rich, Middle eastern bodybuilder don't need your money. But it's definitely not a fair and equitable system across the board. Let's say you're a European, and you work a job that pays 10, a month. If you're Filipino and working the same job, you might get 6, An employer can even advertise for a job saying, "Wanted: female, white, 35 years old, must be this and that.

They can do Middle eastern bodybuilder they want.

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They only represent around 10 percent of the population, but they get a free house from the government when they get married, and their utilities at 50 percent. Next down the ladder would come the Westerners from Europe, Australia, and North America, and at the bottom would be Filipinos, Indians, and Pakistanis. But there is massive respect for the rulers of the UAE, from the locals and foreigners alike. Their planning and development for the region is amazing. The city is so stunning and well maintained, without any of the poverty you see in other parts of the Middle East.

If you go about your business and maintain a low profile, you should have no problems. But if you flagrantly violate Islamic laws, you're asking for it. For example, there's no drinking in Dubai, but because of all the Westerners here you're allowed to drink alcohol in certain hotels. However, if you're caught drinking or you're intoxicated in the street, Westerner or not, you'll be arrested and in big trouble. Public displays of affection are also Middle eastern bodybuilder serious taboo. Not long ago a European couple was caught having sex on the beach.

They were arrested, jailed for three months, and then deported. There are a of stories like that. But it's also extremely safe. They really value honesty here. If you fuck up, there are no second chances. If you steal, you're deported the next day. So if you're an Indian guy supporting a big family back home, you don't want to screw up. You hear stories all the time of people forgetting bags of money in cabs and having every cent returned.

People leave their keys in the ignition. They don't even lock their doors at night. Crime is just not tolerated in Middle eastern bodybuilder. Ninety-five percent of the people here speak English. You could go your whole life here and never have to speak Arabic.

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Nine-nine percent of the locals still wear the traditional dress — a long, white one-piece for guys and a black robe for females. Plus the call to prayer five times a day always reminds me that I'm in an Islamic country. You hear it wherever you go. So much of the workforce in Dubai is comprised of non-Muslims. Again, it's much different in other parts of the region. On the outside, the biggest difference is that in Dubai everything is so neat and tidy, while other parts of the Middle East are really old and run down, kind of like how Dubai was 20 years ago, before it exploded.

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I mean, in Dubai, if your car is over 10 years old, you can't even register it! It's also pretty laid back here, comparatively speaking. In other countries, even in the other Emirates, it's a completely different story. Most other Middle Eastern countries are way stricter with Islamic law. I haven't been to Saudi, but I hear that as a Westerner it just destroys you. The whole place shuts down five times a day for call to prayer. I mean, it completely shuts down.

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There's nothing! It's also much tougher for women in the more hard-core Islamic nations. What a female can wear in Dubai would be illegal in Saudi Arabia. Hell, women in Saudi Arabia can't even drive a car. No, seriously, it's nuts. The company I work for had to deliver a bunch of fitness equipment to a new gym opening in Saudi Arabia. Some of the cardio equipment came in boxes that had pictures of women in sportswear working out.

They had to take the stuff out of the boxes and repackage it before it could be taken out onto the street. Middle eastern bodybuilder you go to McDonald's in Saudi Arabia, there are three lines: a bachelors' line, a female-only line, and a family line. So an unmarried guy can't go in any line but the bachelor line, and if you're a single female you have to go in the female line. If you're caught having lunch with a female and she's not your wife or your sibling or sister, you'll get arrested. A female in Saudi Arabia can't even travel unless she has her husband's or brother's or father's permission.

They felt it inspired thoughts of lust and immoral relations in unmarried people. You'd better learn fast, mate. I had a colleague from Australia attempt to step into an elevator that was already occupied by a Saudi guy and his wife. The guy went nuts.

He started screaming, "How dare you insult my wife!

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How dare you insult my family! It's years behind. When I first got to Dubai, there were no Olympic bars in the gyms. Everything from dynamic warm-ups to foam rollers for myofascial release was completely foreign. Many of the guys who work as trainers are from the Philippines or Egypt, where it seems you can get a degree in anything without too much study. For example, one guy I interviewed for a trainer position was a physiotherapist in the Philippines, yet he couldn't even name two of the four muscles of the rotator cuff.

T Nation: Before we started the interview you mentioned working with female clients who're 30 years old and had never caught a ball. It's the truth.

Middle eastern bodybuilder

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