Millenials are pussies

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Recently I read an interview where Clint Eastwood called the millennials a pussy generation. Men have lower Millenials are pussies levels than ever before. Clint Eastwood was always one of my favorite actors when I was a. Most guys act tough until they get hit in the face for real. Or they give up as soon as it hurts.

They prefer to lay in bed the whole day instead of doing something with their lives. Get out and see how your life evolves in a good way. But reading a book is a lot harder than being lazy. I get it. We all became slaves of the comfort zone. This is a sad reality because this is dangerous. The Roman empire was destroyed because people got comfortable over there.

This applies to almost every aspect of our modern-day lives. It goes from relations to just work in general. Most people want to be rich but play the lottery instead of working hard to get rich. The lottery is a s game and not many people ever win it. Most of them go broke after a while anyway. There are no weekends or off days. Just workdays.

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Just be the hardest worker in the room and people will notice it. People get offended so damn easily. Some people asked me if I thought that they were idiots. The fact that they took it personal surprised me, to be honest. I hate racism I do, I even wrote a post about it. But recently I got into an argument and I was labeled as a racist.

To those people I can only say Millenials are pussies thing: read my blog I never thought that I would use this phrase in my life. The argument was about the fact that Santa Claus and his Black Petes caused a racial issue. I have come a long way when a four-year-old can outsmart grown-ups. They really should reconsider the fact about changing this tradition. Are we going to take away other children from their childhood? Focus on what matters and stop arguing about such a dumb matter.

Just remember that racism remains an act of cowardice. There will never be a perfect moment to do something. This is once again the easy way out. You need to grab the moment and make it perfect. Just start whatever you want to do and keep on doing it till you make it. So what are you going to do?

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People give up so damn easy in this day and age. People are dieting, reach a goal weight and suddenly they start eating unhealthy again. You have to work hard and keep on doing it. Consistency is the key. Suddenly girls like the out of shape guy who drinks beer. Guys with a high-fat percentage have higher estrogen levels than normal men plus beer will increase the estrogen. Sound like the perfect man. I get why girls like it though. The media gives them unrealistic images with all the models and Millenials are pussies on. They all want to look like them but most of them end up frustrated.

So they assume that guys are confronted with the same issue. Girls label us as skinny and we end up frustrated. I think both genders are a bit confused in this day and age. Walk away from the herd and become a lone wolf. So what do you think?

Are you a part of the pussy generation or do you have a different perspective? Let me know in the comments.

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I consider myself a manly man especially compared to other guys but I am guilty of some of the stuff above and now I feel like the pussies I criticize and despise. I believe that hard times breed hard people and by consequence hard men and since our parents and it more rough than most of us do now it is in some cases and to a certain extent normal to grow a bit softer than the generation, but that can also be influenced by what Millenials are pussies you see at home.

What kind of men, the men in your life are. Other factors might be your childhood and present friends, your experiences and how you educate yourself. Personally my views on masculinity changed after I had ed the merchant navy and had spent my first month on a ship sailing half the continent working and reading. The sailing part hardened me, made me tougher, and the reading part…I guess that depends on what you read. During my voyages and afterwards I started reading Yukio Mishima, Bukowski not the poems and Hemingway.

Three authors that changed my view on masculinity and made me realize that compared to their generation, we are a bunch of pussies. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Facebook 0.

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Millenials are pussies

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The pussy generation: it’s becoming an epidemic