Monster musume doppelganger

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Considering how these things usually turn out, the chances of Suu actually suffering Loss of Identity seem small. I conjecture that if Suu is absorbed, she'll start a Split-Personality Takeover If she isn't, then that Royal Jelly may still have lasting effects She and Cathyl are also the only ones the stayrs don't have under their thumb by the end of the farming arc, and Cathyl has the excuse of presumably still being in a relationship with her boyfriend.

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Merino did seem to fall for a new farmhand at the end of her intro chapter, but other than an omake he hasn't been mentioned since. Not to mention asking Kimihito to milk her while in a relationship would be highly inappropriate of her given the Fantastic Arousal at play. This all makes it seem like the pan faun has a little something for our protagonist. ing his harem is unlikely, but romantic feelings for him remain plausible.

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Get Known if you don't have an. The Dullahan is Ms. Kimihito is not really human. The Dullahan people mentioned above will be yet another Red Herring. This series will end as Marry Them All. The proposed Marry Them All above was actually planned by Ms. Alternately, the series will end with Kurusu staying single or hooking up with Ms.

The yet-unnamed minotaur girl given primary focus in Chapter 56 will the harem.

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