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This is too detailed, a little messy, ending is a trash, but fuck, I really got into it. Originally posted by arthurflleck. One of the most exciting, ravishing and intimate thing between you and Arthur was exploring and experiencing sex together in all its form. There was no taboo and all doubts and fears were dealt with understanding and respect. It was all of the moments that Arthur appreciated and glorified, that made him realized that he was extremely lucky to find someone like you whom he could be intimate with.

As your relationship grew stronger, you trusted each other completely and you both were at your best relaxing and comfortable state around each other, Arthur became more confident and assured to ask you for things to try. He was mostly curious about how this would happen, what could cause it, could women really do that or maybe it was a fake show for the porn movie needs, how would you feel about it… but he also had this strange feeling that made him think it could be something he would like.

As he found a courage to finally ask you about it with a shy tone, heated cheeks and a bouncing leg, you were a little bit surprised at first, but picked up on his curiosity almost instantly, feeling motivated to answer all of his questions the best you could.

So you reassured him that it was a real thing and there were some tricks to make woman squirt. He looked at you with a light of unmistakable interest in his eyes and your body was hit by a big hot wave of excitement and arousal. You were familiar with squrting as something that woman could do, that you could do, and if you being honest with yourself, you were just as curious as Arthur to try it some time, but too embarrassed to actually try. After a few moments of blushing, reassuring words, waves of excitement and more blushing, you two decided to give it a shot.

After a hot make out session, he laid you down on a bed and positioned himself between your legs, spreading them for a better look. He was shirtless and some loose brown locks fell on his forehead. You blushed and giggled under his gently touch as he slid his fingers over your thighs. His lips were gently caressing your skin as he lowered his head and you could feel a hot air blown on your clit.

It was so light it tickled you, giving you a subtle sensation and a soft chuckle let out of your mouth. Arthur smirked at that and kissed your outer lips. One kiss on the left, one kiss on the right. You felt a pressure against the skin there that made you want him to move his mouth a Mostly squirt tumblr bit in the middle.

So impatient you were. You reached your hand down and rested it on his head as your other hand slid over your boobs, prodding your hard nipples. He listened to your pleading voice and put out his tongue to lick you in light motions across your sensitive parts. You moaned in response, feeling the warm sensation building inside of you. He hummed satisfied and splayed his wet tongue on your sex area, licking you all the way up. You could feel his eyes watching your every reaction. He spread your petals with his tongue and kissed you there.

Your body was his temple. He cherished all of you and always found a way to show it. You hummed and curled your fingers into his hair. Having him down there, working on you always put a blissful smile on your face. Arthur was such a good lover, very giving, very passionate and always Mostly squirt tumblr of your feelings. All your thoughts dispersed and your grip on his hair became tighter as he licked you and kept changing the pace, from slow to fast and fast to slow, pressing his tongue harder against your Mostly squirt tumblr button while still watching your reactions.

You jerked your hips against his mouth and he groaned lapping his tongue across your petals and down to your entrance. You parted your lips and moaned as well, cause it felt so good, so electrifying, that y our body shook when strong shivers crawled down your spine. This reaction made his already hard dick twitched in his pants and leaked a pre-cum. He groaned again and sucked onto your clitoris, taking you to the next level of pleasure.

You were now fully vulnerable to him and he absolutely loved it. He hummed in response and was now lapping and slurping all the evidence of your arousal leaking from your entrance, building you up for the finale. The sensation you were feeling became even stronger when he slid one hand down and put a finger into your wet entrance, stretching your walls before adding another finger to increase the pressure. Your throbbing pussy took them easily and he curled his fingers up, massaging your g-spot.

His tongue kept working on your clit sucking and lapping swiftly. He found the perfect space for you and kept to it, sending vibrations into your body as he was humming from time to time in pleasure. His eyes still set on you as he watched your body reaction and adapted pressure accordingly. It took only a little bit more to push you over the edge. You were climaxing with your back arched and your legs jerking as you felt Arthur pulling back his fingers out of you just in time as a gush of moisture came out of you, soaking the sheets underneath you.

He gasped in astonishment, watching the fluid pouring out of you in short spurts. A low groan rumbled deep in his throat as he acted on an urge and clung his mouth onto your entrance. He slurped on everything that was still leaking out of you, drinking the rest of your juices greedily.

This act of his made you put up your head and looked at him in surprise and indubitable excitation. Your whole body was hit by the last strong wave of warm glowing pleasure and you threw your head back on the pillow. As the waves eased down to small shivers and you could breathe normally again, you let go of his hair and the pillow you were so desperately holding onto and quickly covered your face with both of your hands in embarrassment.

You guessed your insecurities got in the way. Your thighs were trembling slightly as you were still coming back to Mostly squirt tumblr senses. He was extremely proud of you and even himself, that he was good enough to make his girlfriend climax like that. However he became concerned as he saw you covering your face for some unknown reason. He rested between your legs. You felt his finger poking against your hand as if he was knocking on door, asking you to let Mostly squirt tumblr in.

Was it alright? You removed your hands from your face giving him a chance to finally sealed your lips with his. You smiled against his innocent kiss as you felt more confident about yourself. He pulled away and his thick black eyebrows knit together in concern - Did you like it? He giggled and lowered his head. Now his cheeks turned pink. You put your hands on them and lifted his head. Thank you for this wonderful experience, I love you so much, sweetheart. Engaged to Arthur Fleck I write headcanons and imagines. Requests are open. One of those things was squirting. A wide smile appeared on his face as his wet mouth and chin glistered from your juices.

Mostly squirt tumblr

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