Mtg lose the game

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Every workday ahead of the set's paper release, Insight takes a quick look at a deck featuring cards from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms. Here's a new combo strategy for Standard that you absolutely need to be aware of, otherwise you may find yourself literally unable to win! You activate Faceless Haven to turn it into an Angel. You then activate The Book of Exalted Deeds so that your Angel land gains, "You can't lose the game and your opponents can't win the game.

At end of turn, Faceless Haven stops being a creature, but it keeps the ability and sticks around as the ultimate safe haven. If all of this goes according to plan and if your opponent doesn't have some means to deal with a land, the game is now effectively over. You cannot lose for lack of life or library, and neither Thassa's Oracle nor Happily Ever After can give the win to your opponent. That's the deeper meaning behind the second half of that sentence. There are a ton of different ways how to incorporate this two-card combo into a functional deck.

Everyone has their own version, and so do I. More accurately, I borrowed some pieces here and stole others there. First the basics: mana. The combination requires you to spend six mana in one turn, three of them white and three of them from a snow source, the latter of which can include the mana from Faceless Haven itself.

The addition of green acceleration may look tempting, until you realize that even Jorn, God of Winter doesn't speed things up to any point earlier than turn five, whereas Branchloft Pathway can actually Mtg lose the game a turn! I went with just three Loyal Warhounda small hedge for going-second games. Next: finding the pieces. Apparently, both snow land as well as the legendary artifact count as glory, so Search for Glory is a no-brainer.

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It even comes with 3 life tacked on, which is great when Book is already in play and when you search and cast it afterward. Most people also use Revitalize. I went further and included Potion of Healing too. The Book's Angel token production rarely does more than buy time, but that it does. The main reason for the Potion, however, is Oswald Fiddlebenderwhich can turn not only a Tome into a Book. You can't combo against a hand full of instant-speed creature removal, and it's a fool's errand to try. The only concession to removal I made is Selfless Savior because this only costs zero to one mana, depending on whether you cast it on the combo turn itself or before.

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Waiting until you have eight mana and Sejiri Shelter available will rather increase the odds that your opponent disrupts the combo. In fact, you're not beating a proper control deck focused on answers anyway. I abandoned such ambitions and decided to secure the beatable matchups. Meaning Doomskar and Shatter the Sky found spots in my list as well. So you can't win 'em all, but I found the following to offer the best rate, especially with regard to time. Most opponents concede in the face of an enlightened Faceless Haven. Only when they have reason to believe they can still win do some games go into the thousands.

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Great and cool deck tech. Would be in for a try.

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Also: Bonus points for clear instructions and decision making. And weaving the Book of Exalted Deeds into the real game. Thanks Mr. Rarely was there so much sky to shatter. Kithain Tobi Henke More articles from TobiH. More Constructed articles. The Redemption Arc of Modern Affinity. Is Big Mana Dead in Modern?

Mtg lose the game

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Daily D&D Deck Tech: "You Can't Lose the Game"