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You felt Mutual mastubation tumblr face getting hotter by the minute as his words finally sunk in. You had to admit that it was an interesting idea, but it still embarrassed you a little bit, specially knowing how dominant you tended to be sometimes. He looked down, feeling the wave of regret start to bash over him, you probably thought he was weird now. You shook your head, getting your own worries away from you head for his sake. You were shaking, repeating to yourself in your head that it was nothing.

You took a deep breath, clearing your mind. He looked up at you, eyes getting lost in yours for a brief moment before he stood up Mutual mastubation tumblr the bed, taking off his gym shorts with shaky hands. Your eyes widened slightly a the sight of the bulge that was already forming in his underwear, inviting as ever. You licked your lips as he sat back down with his legs crossed in front of you, hands on his knees, unsure of what to Mutual mastubation tumblr now. You placed a hand on his inner thigh, caressing it slowly before traveling up, barely grazing his crotch.

His breath hitched, eyes glued to where your hand was touching. You grabbed his chin softly with your free hand to make him look at you, connecting your lips in a soft kiss, that started to heat up rather quickly. He moaned into the kiss, hands traveling to get a hold of your waist as he pulled you closer to him. Your hand found its way underneath his hoodie, caressing his soft chest by only grazing your fingertips. His breath shuddered as you got closer to his nipple, grunting deeply when you flicked it lightly.

You chuckled into the kiss, making him blush even more, as you started teasing the little nub, pinching, pressing and flicking until he was a moaning mess. His hands grazed the skin underneath your shirt, finding their way to your breasts. He gave them an experimental squeeze, making you chuckle, before starting to copy the movements you did in his nipples on yours.

You moaned in his neck, sending a shiver down his spine a flush of blood to his already hard cock. One of his hands kept stimulating your breast, as the other traveled down your side, fingers slightly shaking as he reached the waistband of your underwear. The feeling of anticipation bubbled inside him, making his hips buckle up instinctively. You smirked on the crook of his neck, a few red marks already decorating the skin in the most beautiful and seductive way.

You grabbed his clothed cock firmly, making him suck in a breath. He whined, one of his hands that was gripping your hip tightly moving suddendly to touch over your neglected cunt, the panties a little warm from your arousal. You hissed and tightened the grip on his cock, a choked moan coming out of his throat as he swiped two of his fingers up and down over your underwear, adding a little bit of pressure so you could feel it.

You moaned lightly at his touch, lowering your movements so you could let him do as he pleased with you. He pushed your panties aside, blue eyes now open and fixed on where his fingers were going. The deep blush that adorned his cheeks was adorable, but the feeling of two fingers making circles on your clit distracted you too much from his face. A loud moan left your lips, hips rubbing against his hand in search of more friction. His mind fully concentrated in you and you only. You took his aching cock out of his boxers, the tip red and leaking already.

You widened your eyes, surprised slightly by the size, before starting to pump it slowly, twisting your wrist everytime you reached the head. The grunts that were leaving his lips felt like music to your ears, mixing with your own moans as he slipped two fingers inside you, curling them up to brush your spot. You felt your orgasm coming sooner than you expected, speeding up the pace of your hand and tightening around his fingers. You whined as he kept curling his fingers, faster everytime.

His lips brushed slightly against your neck, the light sensation sending shivers down your spine as he left a trail of wet kisses all along your jaw, stopping by your ear, filling them with the softest moans he was capable of doing. Your hand tightened around him, making him hiss, he let you ride out your high softly, stroking your tight walls delicately as you pressed your forehead on his shoulder, legs shaking and whines still falling down your lips. Mutual mastubation tumblr moved your hand again, gaining a surprised whine from him.

Your movements were fast, your other hand that wrapped his shoulder now moving under his hoodie to play with his sensitive nipples. He squirmed under your touch, the blush on his cheeks deepening as he buckled his hips up.

His breath was still shaky when you sat back up and licked your hand clean, your eyes fixed on his face as he stared, mesmerized, and with a deep red blush. Should I just start posting the smau now and then respost it when I stop being shadowbanned or wait. Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive.

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Mutual mastubation tumblr

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