My boyfriend touch my breast

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If you don't know then, my guess is, you are far too young to even have a boyfriend, or allow any boy to 'touch your breasts'. Perhaps you should wait until you get a little older and have a little more understanding about what boyfriends and girlfriends do and what is acceptible and what is not. Didn't find the answer you were looking for? Ask a Question. Oscar De La Huerte answered. The reason is sexual. Either it turns him on, or he thinks it might turn you on.

Guys tend to be automatically-attracted to breasts, and this is probably the reason your boyfriend is touching your breasts when you make out. He touched my breasts when we kisses - is this normal? Yes, it is absolutely normal for a guy to want to touch your boobs when kissing you, although whether you allow him to or not is a different matter.

Just rest assured that, if he gives your breasts a squeeze, he's probably not trying to lactate you! Guys spend a lot of their adolescence wondering what boobs feel like - so when they get the opportunity to find out, they usually go for it. There's something about boobs that naturally attracts men, just like shoes for women!

Why does he want to touch my breasts Scientists are still struggling to understand what it is about girls' breasts that naturally arouses the interest of men. Most people agree that women's breasts serve a My boyfriend touch my breast purpose in biology. The primary function of breasts is to feed the woman's baby with breast-milk - and the other is to attract males much like feathers on a peacock.

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If you're not ready for your boyfriend to have a grope, simply tell him how you feel and he will respect your feelings. But if you're worried that he may be some sort of sexual deviant, rest assured. Most guys spend a ificant amount of their life thinking about breasts!

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Eunice Kwarteng answered. He wants to take it to the next level. It's the first step to having sex. If you mean how do you kiss a breast, just suck on it gently and don't bite on it! Be gentle like you are kissing her lips. Sometimes boys catch hold of them while kissing.

There is nothing wrong I think. Arthur Wright answered.

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To turn you on, and go further. Bimal Regmi answered. They want to start sex from there. Anonymous answered. My boyfriend puts his hands on my ass whenever we kiss, and it hurts me. Let him do it. If you feel low then tell him to stop. Bikergirl Anonymous answered. He shouldn't be doing that. You might end up regretting it if you keep on letting him do that. I know I did. Try to be careful and safe.

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My boyfriend touch my breast

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Should I let my boyfriend touch my breast?