My friend is a weeaboo

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Okay so I got into anime around when I was in 7th grade?? Here came my friend, she was the one that got me hooked on Fairy Tail, the anime of my downfall. I loved Fairy Tail so much, I binge-watched the anime daily, bought wall scrolls, scale figures, the works. Over time, I became more obsessed with FT than my friend who introduced me to it.

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I began metaphorically pushing and shoving my friends to watch anime and such as I went. I got some people into some, but mostly they probably thought I was vv annoying. I legit tried to relate everything to anime, mostly FT lmao.

So eventually I ed Instagram as a Fairy Tail anime. I explored and posted and such. I followed a lot of ft s ofc.

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They were pretty big s and they would sometimes complain in their caption about the weeaboos in their life and such. Thankfully I was smart enough to know that I was becoming one.

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I was expanding my horizons outside of Fairy Tail. The social network had honestly saved me from becoming a close-minded weeaboo obsessed w Fairy Tail all day.

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I have also since deleted my Fairy Tail anime for the obvious reason of lack of interest and effort to maintain the. So even though I made quite a fool of myself in the past, I think those experiences mixed with the will to change and a sense of humility really has increased my enjoyment as a supporter of anime industry. The New Weeaboo Stories. Please read the rules before submitting your stories, thank you! Text Post Sat, Dec.

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How Social Media Saved Me From Becoming a Weeaboo