My husband wears pantyhose

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I wouldn't say that. I'd say he has a sexual fetish. Do you have any fetishes or fantasies? I know. I don't mind it at all unless you start to act like a girl which is exist as well but whatever. He hasn't gay and they feel amazing. It's taboo and he is wanting you to get him to wear some occasionally.

Maybe into femdom, get a strap on and role play. If he is as gay he wouldn't be with you. Im into sub and Dom roles with a female only. It's exciting to answer your question. It's ok to admit it, dearie. You're among friends. There there. Explain something to me: You come here, ask why he does something, but you know what he is and isn't, so that means that you know why he does and does not. Is this Candid Camera?

Am I being Punk'd? He isn't a crossdresser.

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It's a fetish. He wants to share with you bc it's intimacy to him and arousing.

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He wants to be honest and not hide things from you. Set boundaries and make it a reward every so often. Amy82 Xper 2. I don't think it's normal for a man but its not a big deal either. Why a man would wear hosiery? Share Facebook. Husband wears my pantyhose infront of me? Add Opinion. There's nothing wrong with crossdressing nor fetishes. It's very considerate of you to indulge your husband's fetish. Pantyhose have an almost unique position as a garment that teases in the sense that it only partially veils a view of the legs and are both openly viewable and in very close contact with a woman's most intimate area at the same time.

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They also feel great to wear, in a very sensual way, and the fact that it is taboo for a man to wear them builds up the naughty factor even more. Two pairs of legs in pantyhose also feel great. Since you have been so considerate in indulging his pleasures, perhaps you could ask for some of your fantasies to be tried out too. Makes for an exciting and intimate relationship. David-NewZealand Xper 5. You are right that is not normal. He has a fetish and they are anything but normal. It sounds like it turns him on by wearing them because it is something associated with you and he is attracted to you.

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Hard to explain but I hope you get the idea. In some ways you could almost consider it a complerment. Kris85 1. I don't know but if my husband wore it I would be weirded out and probably not be attracted to him anymore.

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I would think your husband has a bit of a cross dressing problem. Slimart opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Xper 6. He is not gay. Then why does he like it? Show All Show Less. Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. Jnorr Xper 1. He has a fetish first off They feel amazing secondly It's taboo which arouses him He wants a deeper level of intimacy. Your clothes give him that maybe too.

Theguyoverthere 1. I wore a girl's bra on the first date She thought it was funny. If it's just your hosiery than it a fetish, tho it could lead to more of your clothes which he world be a cross-dresser which may or may not be a fetish. Crossdressing is not as rare as it used to be.

Its time to come off guys. You got punkd! I swore I'd be at the top of my game today too. Man, damnit. Jbird Xper 1. Might be he's into crossdressing? Related myTakes. The Feminist Apocalypse.

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My husband wears pantyhose

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A woman’s view on men in hosiery by Nohealani