My wife feminized me

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Brett and Kelly were a middle-aged married couple who both worked their butts off to have a nice enjoyable life. They argued some and most of their friends wondered who wore the pants in that relationship? Brett was a muscular built man and Kelly had her tomboyish ways but the truly loved each other until Brett broke a cardinal rule in their marriage. He was caught kissing another woman.

Kelly was fuming when she caught him and wanted to seek revenge without cheating herself. She began giving him the silent treatment which only made matters worse between the two.

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Brett tried begging for forgiveness, but Kelly was ignoring him. With that in mind, Kelly had something brewing for him to get back at him. She was going to feminize him so that he could see what it is like being a woman. She wanted him to feel everything and thought about taking his virginity on top of it.

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Kelly was in the bedroom sorting through clothing in the closet and when he came into the room, Kelly instantly threw a pair of nylons at him. He thought it was funny and asked if she was going to wear these and she quickly informed him no, that he was. Brett stopped dead in his tracks and looked at Kelly to see if she was serious? She looked at him and told him to get undressed because they were going out to dinner.

Brett thought everything was okay because she was now speaking to him, but Kelly My wife feminized me other plans. Once he was undressed, Brett walked towards the dresser where his clothing was and Kelly told him to stop and put those nylons on. He asked her if she was crazy and she began to get a little irritated while telling him to put on those nylons if he wanted to keep their marriage. Brett thought that it was unfair and silly, but he put them on and before he could get the last one rolled all the way up, she told him to take off his boxers while throwing a pair of lacey white panties at him.

He caught them in the air and refused to put them on. He spotted them and knew she was serious about this whole ordeal. He quietly put on the panties tucking his penis underneath so that they would fit. Next, came the bra that matched the panties and he remained quiet while putting on the clothing she was giving him.

When Kelly came out of the closet, she had a dress in one hand and a pair of heels in the other that she had bought earlier in his size. She walked over and handed them to him insisting that he put them on. He shook his head and told her he would. He was now bummed out seeing the divorce papers and knew he had to do everything she told him. Once he got the dress on, Kelly walked over and zipped him up but not before placing breast implants into the bra he was wearing.

He started to feel so humiliated as his wife was turning him into a woman slowly and one piece at a time. After they were both dressed, she took him into the bathroom where she had a wig waiting for him. He humbled himself and sat in the chair that was placed in the bathroom for him. Kelly put a nice long brown wig on him and styled it for him before painting his face with makeup. She added some eye shadow, blush, and the reddest of red lipstick.

Brett began to look lie a real female all dressed p to go out for dinner. He was hesitant about being out in public dressed like that and argued with Kelly about it and all she had to do was remind him of those divorce papers sitting on the dresser. She reminded him of what he did that broke their vows of marriage and that this was his punishment.

He did something out in public that hurt Kelly, so she is going to seek her revenge out in the public eye. He was going o be a woman for the evening and then Kelly had plans for him when they got home from dinner. Brett could hardly imagine what that was being that she is seeking humiliation already. They left the house and drove to the restaurant where they would be having their dinner and this restaurant was known for every wealthy politician or person who dines out.

They stepped inside with Brett My wife feminized me like a perfect lady and everyone stopped what they were doing to take notice. It was a humiliating feeling for Brett to be dressed like a woman, but he did it for his marriage. They sat and ate their meal quietly before Kelly notified Brett that she had more plans when they got home from dinner. He wondered what it was the whole evening while they ate an when they were finished, Kelly paid the meal ticket and they both left to get in the car.

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The ride home was quiet as they had nothing to say to each other because Kelly still felt betrayed and hurt by Brett. She would get her revenge when they get home. As they pulled into the driveway, Kelly informed Brett to not take anything off and just go into the bedroom and wait for her. He looked at her with a puzzled look but did as she said. They got inside the house and as Brett headed for the bedroom, Kelly went and poured herself a stiff drink.

She felt guilty about what she is going to do to Brett, but then the hurt reminds her of what he did, and she becomes irritated again. After she finishes her drink, she he for the bedroom and into the closet she goes. She comes out wearing lingerie and holds something in her hand. Brett thought My wife feminized me they were going to have makeup sex, but that is not what Kelly had in store for him. He watched as his wife took what was in her hand and strapped it to herself. Once she was done, Brett saw that she was wearing a strap-on that had a rather large penis on it.

He looked at her and asked what that was for? The only thing that came out of her mouth was that it was for him for being a cheater. He looked at it and then thought about what she was going to do with it and then the begging started. She told him to shut up and to crawl over to her.

He quieted down and got on his hands and knees and crawled over to his wife. At her feet, he was told to suck on her large penis like the slut he was. He tried to talk his way out of it, but Kelly was having no part of his conversation. She stated it again before grabbing his head and forcing it inside his mouth.

He gagged and choked on it for a minute before he got the handle of it and Kelly stood there watching her husband be a slut for her penis. It was rather amusing to her, but you could see a tear roll down his cheek as she pumped his mouth in and out. Once he got it nice and slobbered on, she ordered him to turn around and offer her his brown puckered hole. He looked up at her while sobbing begging her not to take his virginity, but she did not hear him.

Again, she ordered him to turn around and when she did, Brett slowly turned around and pushed his butt up in the air to her. She grabbed his dress and pushed it up over his back and ordered him to pull down his panties. He reached back there and as he pulled them down, he sobbed even more. Seeing his panties down, she got right up My wife feminized me him and played around his brown hole with her strap-on penis.

Brett began pleading and begging as he sobbed for her not to do this. Kelly had revenge on her mind because he humiliated her by kissing another woman while married to her. He might as well have had sex with her too. She had gotten his brown hole nice and lubricated before pushing the big mushroom head inside him. He squealed and yelled out as she pushed it deeper.

Brett cried as his wife took his virginity which would make him never the same again.

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This is what Kelly wanted. She reached down grabbing his waist and began pumping him harder. He sobbed the whole time that My wife feminized me wife made him feel like a slut. She ruined him and he would never be the same. The more she pumped him the harder his penis got, but she would not allow him to play with it, touch it, and refused him an orgasm. She pumped him until he was sore. After she was done, Kelly informed him that if he ever cheated again, it would not be a strap-on penis he would be sucking on or taking up his pooper.

To this he agreed and could get out of the clothing, wig, and wash the make up off, but not before she took some photos. Kelly had her revenge by feminizing her cheating husband. I'm a forty-eight-year-old woman who became a published author back in I write fiction and nonfiction in many different genre. I love to write and tell stories to the world and hope that everyone enjoys them.

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My wife feminized me

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