Naruto muscle growth

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Thanks and have fun. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Suigetsu's muscle growth. Thread starter lizardo Start date Aug 1, I was rereading some of the old chapters and saw that odd moment where Suigetsu made is arm much bigger when he chopped the door down. Not sure if anyone has guessed this yet But I think it has to do with his wierd control over water.

Water makes up a large part of what is found in muscle and required to keep them powerful and healthy. Now in theory, if one could increase water level in muscle, it would Naruto muscle growth grow and become more powerful keeping in mind this would have to be done on a cellular level to work. So my guess is that Suigetsu simply changes water density in his body so that he can increase his strength.

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This would help explain why he must drink water more then the average person and why he doesn't stay huge all the time. Also for all of you in fear of "well can't he then just become stronger then anyone on the planet" the answer is no. Rapid increase in muscle would result in two problems. Large amounts of unwroked and masive muscle cause a person to lack reflexs and become slower, which is really bad for a ninja. Other problem is that adding large amounts of wieght to the body can result in bad damage to the bones since a bone can only handle a certain level of wieght without failing and breaking.

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This also explains why he only increases a select area. I'm not entirely sure Suigetsu has to worry about his bones Besides that though I agree. Pantera King of Pimp. Ya i agree its due to his ability to change his body to water So he just increases the water concentration in the area he wishes and by that increasing its size.

But i don't find the ability too great Just got to take away his water long enough for him to burn out. Maybe we can go FMA and turn him into a different kind of substance so he just evaporates. Haruko in retrograde. Maybe a higher proportion of his body is made of water all Naruto muscle growth it? Yakushi Kabuto Socks Activate! Shape of a. I really doubt Suigetsu would have to worry about his bones considering how it does not seem like he has any when Karin punches or kicks him into a watery mess.

I assume that the amount of water concentrated into whatever areas makes sense, I wonder how changing water density works, I mean, any denser and it turns viscous. Karin is so much like a perverted Sakura. If Suigestu wasn't that liquid, he'd probably have the same big-assed head swells Naruto always used to have. Kurosaki Ikki Member. Suigetsu kicks ass im waiting for him to get his one on one fight. Lenalee driven to distraction. Suigetsu appears to, somehow, be made up of water. Look at the times Karin has hit him - his skin didn't break or anything. I don't think he was fully expecting her to assault him either time, so I doubt he's doing anything to his muscle tissue.

Orochimaru experimented on him, and although he was deated as a failure, he was given abilities.

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Increasing his arm's mass along with other parts of his body and turning into water when hit are those, with possible others. Mercury Koopa I shat Ceros. That's how he gets the girls wet. Dre Hell Up. Noble Avenger Champs Bitch. I've had a lot of thoughts that have been kicked around in this thread. He can effectively pump chakra into a part of his body, sending water their and giving him for physical strength, or boosting his legs for an extra speed move, etc.

I can't wait to see dude fight. Is it possible for Suigetsu to do the Sandman thing from Spider-Man 3 and gather up a whole lot of water and turn himself into a watery giant? Solid Snake Friendship is Solid. You must log in or register to reply here.

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