Natalie portman slave leia

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Discussion in ' Star Wars Community ' started by sarlaccsaurs-rexJul 20, Jedi Council Forums. Welcome to the new boards! Details here! Is this picture real? Registered: Apr 10, I's sorry if this is the wrong place.

It probably is. Registered: Feb 10, Looks photoshopped to me. There seems to be a slight difference in pixel quality between her head and the rest of her. I could be wrong though, I wouldn't call myself an expert. Registered: Dec 11, I'm pretty sure it's photoshopped. Natalie Portman's arms aren't that fat. Registered: Apr 17, Besides Natalie looks really young, like from before the SW films she was in. It may be fake but any fanboy can pretend I guess. Man I creep myself out sometimes! Registered: Jul 11, Well atleast you're not looking up a hot blue alien with tentacles on her head TheFunnyLittleYodaJul 20, Do you?

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I find Aayla kind of hot as well. Although she appears for like 2 seconds I might add that this may sound off-topic, but did anyone else think that Portman's hottness was wasted with all the chinadoll costumes? Her only redemming factor was her ripped skintight battle suit! Now what would make a good homage to slave Leia is if she really was captured by Jabba and wore the bikini!

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Registered: Aug 23, DantheJediJul 20, Registered: Dec 25, Its fake, but like everyone else has said, Fanboys still like to hope. Registered: Dec 23, CharnJul 20, This is obviously fake, but nice nonetheless. A drawing I found of Slave Padme on google images.

Not really, but i figured that first pic at the top should be examined, and the last pic was just kinda something interesting to keep the thread going! Can't Blame him, Portman's a bit of a hottie. When she isn't pregnant or wearing her queen makeup.

Padme is always hot I must admit! Hopefully I did not offend anybody. Anyone want to turn this into the Padme Fanclub for Guys? Seriously I'll make one. Not to sound wierd but I will, I guess. I mean after all TheFunnyLittleYoda made a "who's hotter game". Is that alright? A fan club in the name of Padme's hottness?

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I said before I was not much of a Padme fan but the more I think about it she is so cute, that I can make room to fit her in with Boba Fett and Grevious. There was a serious sort of girly Padme thread that got locked, but I wonder if I could make one for the guys who have a thing for her. Without the disscussion getting to wierd ,perverted ,or out of hand. So can it be done? The who's hotter game was locked, by the way.

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Yea I know. But I never knew if it was because it was so unorganized, or if it was just plain wierd!!! Show Ignored Content. Username or address: Do you already have an ? Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

Natalie portman slave leia

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I see your Kristen Bell slave Leia and raise you an infinitely more voluptuous slave Natalie Portman