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Newgrounds is a website that hosts Macromedia Flash animations. It was created and is currently owned by Tom Fulp right. It allows its users to submit their own Flash movies and games and music and view submissions from other users. The site now has overregistered members and over 60, submissions.

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Newgrounds also allows users to rate and review other user's submissions. Submissions can be rated on a scale of 0 to 5 and are removed if their average rating determined by both the average score and the of users who have voted while the movie is still "under judgement" falls below a certain level.

This process of removal is known as blamming. Tom Fulp has submitted several movies and games to Newgrounds. These are referred to as Newgrounds Originals.

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Many groups of people have formed in the Newgrounds communityincluding the Clock Crew and its spinoffs: the Lock Legion and the Star Syndicate being most prominent. The quality of movies or games released by these groups vastly differs, depending on the people working on them. Another popular activity on Newgrounds is the collab - various animatorsartists and programmers collaborating on a single movie or game.

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Some famous collabs on the Newgrounds portal include:. : Entertainment websites Flash cartoons Newgrounds. Newgrounds From Academic Kids. Missing image Tomeatingcheese. Toolbox Special s.

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Newgrounds rated a

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