Noomi rapace muscle

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And my foot, I had a broken bone in my foot. My body was a total mess.

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When I was finished with the movie, I was destroyed. But it was destruction by de. The London-set thriller from Lionsgate Premiere stars Rapace as a longtime CIA agent drawn back into action in order to thwart an impending terror attack on the city. I was very much a part of everything. I worked really hard. I trained really hard for it.

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It had more layers to it and more angles. Rapace, a lifelong practitioner of martial arts, ramped up her regular training regimen for the film, which found her doing many of her own stunts. The thorough physicality of the performance, Rapace said, also served to inform the more internalized aspects of the character. So it has a lot of deeper layers to it that really attracted me and I wanted her to feel like you can see that something is going on.

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Noomi rapace muscle

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Noomi Rapace, 'Unlocked' and ready for action