Nursing school sucks

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It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. About the. Thread starter ashedd Start date Jul 18, Feb 18, 20 0 Other Health Professions Student. First off: I dunno where to post this Where to start I don't like nursing, I have no desire to clean up poop or work in a nursing home that reeks of urine. We study something called "Nursing diagnosis" That's an oxymoron, nurses by definition don't diagnose. So why am I wasting my time with some fluffed up diagnosis crap?

Ya I get it, PT's laying in bed all day will get bed sores. I am not even going to get started about my incompetent instructors. My goal was to be a NP. I figured it was the next best thing to being an MD. I read online about the NP's being trained in the nursing model and PA's the medical, I really had no idea what that meant.

Now I have a pretty good idea what that means and I don't like it. An NP is a nurse with an RX pad. That being said, my primary care physician is a NP. I was told by one of my nursing school instructors that the difference between NP's Nursing school sucks PA's was.

So this nursing school joke has renewed my interest in being a PA. Well I am old I have some random credits, some good some bad, and no degree. Plus I really hate the idea of working much more than 40 hours a week. I need time for me, outside of the hospital. I read that there is finally a PA to DO bridge. So if the bug ever bit me really hard, that could be an option. So now what? I really want to quit this nursing school, like now. I need to take some pre-reqs before thinking about PA school.

I may Nursing school sucks need a bachelors first. But I need to work I was looking at a surg tech program. It's seems to pay decently enough. I am not too sure how working and taking classes would work. Would like to do something medical. My background is in military helicopter maintenance. I don't want to do that for a living on the civilian side, plus I would have to go to school to be able to do it. So if your still with me Last edited: Jul 18, More options. Nov 10, 16, 5, Resident [Any Field]. Nurses function as physicians. Apr 13, 4, Medical Student Accepted. Nurses wipe butts.

Reactions: 1 users. Jan 18, 2, Amurica Pre-Medical. I don't like nurses, I have no desire to clean up poop or work in a nursing home that reeks of urine. RogueUnicorn rawr. Jul 15, 9, 1, Resident [Any Field]. Oct 18, 5, 42 Medical Student. Whether or not you do med school, quit nursing school immediately. Attitudes like yours taint the profession.

You have no idea how many incredible nurses are out there--some of whom easily know more than the docs. Nurses diagnose the obvious or have to be evasive in order for the diagnosis not to be a medical one. Nursing diagnoses are like the longest diagnoses ever. They are very stupid. Jul 17, 9. Reactions: 2 users. TheMightySmiter said:.

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You have no idea how many incredible nurses are out there-- some of whom easily know more than the docs. Reactions: 3 users. Dubaifan said:. Mbeas said:. Edit: Just noticed you are an LPN student. How were you planning on being an NP? Do you have a Bachelor's degree? May 22, 1, 5 Medical Student. Reactions: 1 user. Aug 31, 1, If you think I'm exaggerating, you don't know many nurses. A nurse practitioner is NOT a physician. Sounds like they teach you to hate doctors.

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Yea, it's actually true. The new residents who are docs, btw can learn a lot from nurses. I'm guessing you are one of the people who thinks doctors are a superior life form that know everything? FattySlug said:. Isn't it only true when you compare good nurse vs. I have a hard time imagine any good, competent doc knows less than good nurses. Verified Member. Jul 24, 2, mars Medical Student. If you're trying to direct me to a nursing forum, I'm not a nurse. Also you got the URL wrong. I know a cardiovascular nurse educator whose knowledge could compete with even that of experienced docs.

I'm not saying it's common, but it certainly happens. Work years in the same nursing specialty and you're bound to know an insane amount about your field. Feb 14, 1, 10 Stuck in cold weather Venom5 said:.

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But that's limited knowledge right? I'm sure doctors have more responsibilities than nurses overall.

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Doctor said:. He beat me to the " " and I know many nurses. You must don't know many doctors. May 26, 8, 4, Attending Physician. Feb 20, 3, 18 California Pre-Medical. I'm not someone who bashes nurses or belittles the profession, but that statement is only true in a VARY limited of examples.

I've worked in healthcare for more than five years, with both doctors and nurses, and everyone has their own unique role in patient care. However, doctors are trained to diagnose, they are experts in their fields, and are ultimately responsible for the patient. When a nurse doesn't know what to do, they ask a doctor. Try not to compare a resident, who is still a student, to a nurse to prove your point.

Nursing school sucks

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