Oral sex synonyms

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Meet Grammar Coach. How to use oral sex in a sentence.

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Are you quite sure you have never suffered from this rather common disorder, gentle reader, at least, if you be of the male sex? But if you restrict it, to the sense in which it is commonly applied to the angelic sex, I am not prepared to answer.

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These oral inanities only served to make Lyn give me the benefit of a look of amused wonder. As public accuser, he caused the death of immense s, of all ages and either sex. That he might lose his head and 'introduce an element of sex' was conscience confessing that it had been already introduced.

He respected her courage and obvious power to rise above the personal attitude of her sex. But scorn is far more volcanic than glacial and a poor barrier between sex and judgment.

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The fair sex in the East is scarcely less addicted to the use of this weed. But none of the orders given were more than oral, for the governor did not want them set on the records.

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He wondered if so handsome a girl shared the common rancor of her age and sex against charming young widows. Choose the synonym for future.

Oral sex synonyms

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