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File information Last updated 14 May PM. Original 12 May PM. ed by CE0. Virus scan Safe to use. Tags for this mod Utilities for Modders. Forum thread. CE0 member posts kudos. Hello everyone welcome back to OSA Tooneyman did all the work for this port so credit goes to him for making it happen and showing me how to do it. This is a port for 2. Is this compatible with Nemesis? FenrirIII member posts 10 kudos. Did you install the dummy Fores esp when installing Nemesis? I think vex is saying they're in the tool. Could be misinterpreting, but why not cover all bases.

Reading comments while I consider installing, so I can't give a fix. But how many animations are you running otherwise? From what I've read, OS comes with many. If you're trying to run it with another common, but large, anim pack you might have trouble. Edit: nemesis recognized mine, perhaps try reinstalling OSA?

BrowniexCal member 4 posts 0 kudos. I think I'm having the same issue as vex, when I open nemesis OSA isn't listed despite being installed with it's Osa skyrim mod requirements and no issues. I've been trying to find a fix for literal DAYS to no avail, any help would be really appreciated.

While there are people who have issues with OSA that have FNIS, often the issue is a simple mistake that Vortex usually catches for its users and we don't ever see what we did wrong before its fixed. Other wise that output is useless.

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However I find way to many people have issues with Nemisis. On another note: what happened to the OP and the first commenter getting Deleted? TheSoulestSoul member 1 posts 0 kudos. When I go to the animations I don't see anything, What do I do? The thing I want is the pose module. Hooperz94 premium 4 posts 0 kudos. Your work is amazing CEO, absolutely astonished I love it!

Thank you so much for sharing your work, you are super good at what you do. Chornskies member 12 posts 0 kudos. Need assisstance. I've reinstalled this mod several times. They simply go naked, warp to each other and stand still doing nothing. Also when this happens, I cannot open the OSA menu anymore. Have to close the game. Ive narrowed it down to this mod and not the animation source Osex.

Please advise. Thank you. Clonestalker member 1 posts 0 kudos. I can't even seem to launch my game with OSA enabled. Flaneur70 member 1 posts 0 kudos. I find humor in this. If you want to have sex you have to take time to do each step right with patience.

Switching your trusted partner will not solve your problem. You will just take them with you. I have seen too many people in the forums say they switch to MO2 with no benefit at all. So for anyone who re this don't make your modding more difficult needlessly. Steps for a more healthy Osa skyrim mod happy sex life: Make sure that all the requirements and their requirements are installed AND enabled.

Is that ring in your wallet fresh? Do you have more? FNIS should run from within Vortex if you have it integrated. Make sure nothing else has use of that key.

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A soft uper left note will inform you have enabled emergency keys. Vivid member 1 posts 0 kudos. I've been searching and I havent found anything yet. FloofThing member 27 posts 0 kudos. If i just delete the dll file will that fix the issue, and if not what should i do? I saw a strange note on the Ostim saying "installing OStim into a save where OSA is already installed does not work, make sure that osa and ostim start up at the same time.

Ostim fixed a lot of issues with Osex for me.

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So they do not need to be installed at the same time. I did not have your issue however and not sure Ostim will fix that. Its good to double check each required mod's AND those requirements as well to see that you have downloaded them. I have noted one or 2 in the past that I thought I had but didn't. I fixed it with some help. The issue was that I was attempting to launch SKSE through steam by renaming it to something steam would recognize. While that may have worked in the past, it no longer seems to.

Thanks for including your solution. Many do not and others in your shoes do not know how to untie them. Hello, how did you specifically fix the issue with steam? I have personally never launched SKSE through steam. Not sure why you would. I tend to play off line and don't Osa skyrim mod or need any part of steam to play. I never get any mods from there or Bethesda. I prefer to download mods from here and save them into a folder where I can install again if things go sideways. Plus Nexus mods most often gives me more information and is easier for me. How do you install Skylife with MO2. MO2 says it doesn't have a valid data directory no matter what directory I select.

I could choose to ignore that message but usually a mod won't work when you do that. I don't use Vortex but NMM. TheZeusBolt97 premium 2 posts 0 kudos. Hi there, I Osa skyrim mod everything the mod requires but when I try to bring up the menu, nothing happens.

Maybe I had an oversight on installation. But any help would be great. Inside the game it will do nothing to change the numpad. Make sure you can type s before entering the game. All I can offer is this obvious easy oversight.

Hope that helps Should include to test inside note pad or a text editor. Some things like here in this formum and in web browsers the will most often by default post even if numlock is off. Also, when I hit enter on the numpad, OSA's main menu doesn't appear. OSA is a skyui widget.

Some alternate start mods and possibly other mods that tweak skyui widgets can stop OSA from being loaded up. This means OSA initialized correctly. If you don't see this circle, you have an OSA related issue. After a removal and reinstall which fixed a lot of issues I was staring to have I noticed this same thing, there was no responce from the enter key. Ostim started but it only played the redressing animations for the NPC. I then rearranged my load order and wala. The boxes with out the suggested where options that vortex did not have any suggestion on.

SO its easy to get this where it doesn't work. Be nice if we could add those to vortex if anyone knows how to forward. Spoiler: Show.

Osa skyrim mod

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